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120 planet 2P MP AAR
« on: March 18, 2010, 09:32:31 PM »
First off I am starting this AAR a bit late. we are already 9 hours into the game. Just did not think it would be AAR worthy at the start. But I think by the time we reach the end of it, its going tobe some pretty crazy stuff. So we are playing a 120 planet snake map. with 2 lvl 7 AI's. One is the mad bomber, and the other is the Tag Teamer. No handicap for either the AI or the player.  I choose Z bombardment as my starting ship, and Azdle choose Z Beam Frigates for his starting ship. all the other settings are normal, except we did make half enemy waves. We did this not to make it an easier difficutly, but becouse we felt regular AI waves with the high AI progress we hope to attain would cause to much lagg. Our goals for this game are to capture all 120 planets, exceede 10,000 AIP, See how far we can get on the Super Terminal, And create a high score game. So here is what our map looks like so far:

Planet names will be changed, with the first planet in the string tobe called planet One, then two, then three.... To planet One Hundred Twenty. As you can see we have currently Captured up to Planet Twenty Three. With most everything cleared up to Thirty Two. My forces mainly consist of long range attack and defenses, with raid starships as my forward attack fleet. With Azdle using a mix of ships, with the Z beams holding the brunt of the attack. Our stratagy has been to build up a heavy defensive line, Then I take my raid starships and advance them alone to destroy the command centers. This causes the AI to send the forces to attack our defenses. I usualy like to send my raiders out to destroy about 10 planet command centers at a time (depending on the mrk levels of the planets, we like to leave a mrk 1 planet as a buffer). So all these ships will slowly begin to flow back to our defensive line. At I then begin moving my raid starships back one planet at a time destroying the far out defensive posts, we certain care to make sure all ion cannon's and special command posts are destroyed. By the time I make a good dent in the defenses, most freed ships will have been destroyed when they have reached our defensive line. At which point in time Azdle then takes his bulk fleet and begins moving up and clearing all remaing ships, leaving any long range defenses alone. Becouse most all of the defenses are offline (no supply) this makes for easy work. Once he has established domenance at the worm hole I then move my long range fleet in and begin taking out the defenses, while he moves his fleet up clearing all mobile forces. This is repeated until all the planets that the command posts where destroyed on are cleared. At which point in time we then build our new command posts in these empy planets, and establish a new defensive line at the last planet we cleared. (first rush was to planet 10, and secound rush was to planet 23, and third rush is going to planet 32).

Here are some stats so far:

This game will be played over several days.

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Re: 120 planet 2P MP AAR
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2010, 03:58:27 AM »
Simply amazing.  It's gonna be hell later on, though, with planet-filling reinforcements, and especially with only two starting planets.
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