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Will there ever be a AVWW 3?

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Has this every been talked about? I loved, loved, LOVED the first one, but the second one just didn't resonate with me (controls and gameplay were a complete departure from AVWW 1).

I love and own just about every arcen game out there, and in light of the recent financial issues, I wonder if it might be wise to go back and revisit a past success? (Maybe not critically, but there was and is still nothing like AVWW 1).

Thanks for listening to me ramble. 

I'm not sure AVWW was ever successful enough to warrant a sequel. An interesting game without doubt, but sequel bait? Not really no.

Yep, that one pretty much is dead in the water I think.  We got burned pretty hard on the financials with that one, and it still has yet to break even.  Doing the sequel for free didn't help matters, but still.  This is just my opinion, but I have the impression that a lot of people hear the name A Valley Without Wind and associate that with disappointment -- there was a lot of hype and excitement prior to its release, and I think it didn't live up to that for a lot of people.

I'm in awe of seeing that any game made with good intentions have at least one people loving it. Even the financially worst game, provided it was crafted for a sincere purpose, will find even the tiniest loving community.

Keep up, Arcen. Keep doing sincere games.

I really appreciate it -- and you bet, we will.


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