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Will there be classes?

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Will you be using 'Classes'?  Or something more player defined, I guess what i mean is the player makes his character a certain way?

I promise not to say anything about classes.


Sort of.  At the moment we plan to have Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Trapper, Pharmacist, and Enchanter as the "classes."  However, this just controls what kind of things the character (NPC or player-controlled) is able to craft, if any.  We'll also have some characters without a crafting class, I think.  That stuff is still a bit tentative in some ways, because partly it depends on testing results.

But in terms of traditional JRPG classes, no.  There aren't mages that are the only ones able to cast spells, or warriors that are the best at weapons, etc.  The individual characters have some stats, but most stats (including levels) belong to you the player, not any character you control.  Thus if one character dies and you get another character, you don't lose your levels, etc.

In terms of customization, that largely depends on what you find as you explore, and what you choose to craft out of the things that you find.  Though, as you are playing you are also heavily customizing the world itself around you as you do various deeds and explore various places and thus alter the world map by setting up settlments, wind shelters, and so forth.  As the title suggests, "wind" is a big deal in this game. :)

In your blog post you mentioned the persistence in levels between characters after death. You also mentioned something about item persistence. Can you say how that works? Will the items be on a persistent corpse? Or in some kind of inter-dimensional lost-and-found? Or maybe each character is the last one's progeny and they got it all in a will?

Obviously if it's something you want to keep close to your chest for a while I understand.

In the case of items you were carrying, they get dropped where you die in a magic bag. That bag never disappears or goes away. You can go and retrieve it immediately, or just ignore it if you don't care. A preview coming up soon goes into this in some more depth, but that's the main gist of it. :)

Good stuff! That's what I'd been hoping. Another question comes to mind, though once again, feel no pressure to tell me. But where will your new character spawn? Back at the beginning? Where you died? The nearest "save point"?


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