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Which A Valley Without Wind game do you like better?

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Endless Rain:
I'm somewhat curious about which AVWW game was more popular, so I made a poll about it.

I personally prefer AVWW 1, mostly because of the the huge worlds to explore. I also really liked the map, since it makes it so easy to explore without getting lost. I loved the setting too, and I have a couple theories about what caused the wind. I even liked the graphics! The thing I disliked the most was how it was hard to find enchants better than the ones I had, which means there was little incentive to explore once you had all the enchants and spells you needed. I absolutely loved the game and I was kind of sad when you stopped updating it :(, though giving away AVWW 2 for free made me much less angry about it :).

AVWW 2 was a good game too, but removing the sandbox aspects of AVWW 1 caused me to not like it as much. I also really didn't like the windstorm generators in AVWW 2, since they were too inconsistent with AVWW 1. The strategy part was really fun though, and I almost beat the game on queen strategic difficulty.

I have to say that though I would have liked to have seen a more involved management layer and a well defined endgame, Valley 1 is my favorite of the two because of the massively explorey levels. And they're more or less manageable as well, not overwhelming. V2 was so linear I didn't feel like I was doing much more than running left to right, but I didn't play it as much, maybe there's a level complexity adjustment I missed.

Valley 1 for me also for about the same reasons as you both. A huge world to explore, art style (yep!) and not as linear as Valley 2. :D

Valley 1

I liked Valley 2's combat better, but the exploration and huge levels of Valley 1 are still more appealing. Even the art was, in my opinion, better in some places. Emphasis on some--The RNG really made the prettiness variable. At least Valley 2 was consistent.


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