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Which A Valley Without Wind game do you like better?

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--- Quote from: keith.lamothe on October 27, 2013, 11:59:08 pm ---It's great to hear from folks who enjoy the Valley games.  They were financially between "rocky" and "disastrous" for us but we learned a lot, and I'm very glad that (despite whatever the rest of the world may think) there are at least some players for whom AVWW or Valley2 was "the thing I can't get anywhere else".  Delivering that experience is the main reason I write games for a living rather than enterprise software or whatever.

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I really think if more people had actually tried the games, they woulda gotten into them pretty easily.  Particularly the second one;  I really enjoy the first game, but some of the mechanics sorta go all over the place (like the worldmap stuff) and those mechanics can feel unfinished, or "experimental" as I like to put it.   The second one is very focused though and the unique combat + the excellent strategy elements really bring this one together for me. It's gotten a ton of playtime out of me. 

And while I normally dont care too much for story elements in games, I liked that aspect with these, as they were well written and not super drawn-out as many games can be.  Both did this pretty well.

But yeah, the second one is the one I like more.   As it is, I started a new game in it tonight.  This also reminded me that it can be.... frustrating at times, yes.  I ran into Lilith in a room filled with purple stuff falling from the ceiling while she fires her 6-way shots everywhere and pigeons keep being pigeons. 

She then kept hitting me with her "punch the keyboard" attack.  Which is super-effective!

Late reply I know, but I prefer AVWW 1 because I felt it had the most potential if people weren't driven away by the art style. It felt more customizable, more open and generally had a better pick up and play appeal to me. Like I wern't under a time-limit all the time like I felt with AVWW2.

Still think that AVWW 1 was way too ambitious for Arcen to do at that point, but if they returned to it now with a 3rd instalment, using 1 as the base gameplay design and 2's art style, adding a few community-requested features and maybe a better Beta, we'd have a unique Metroidvania on our hands.

Also, Valley 1's shoot anywhere controls were more free-flowing and restricted the game less.

I see the Valley Game Series as One of Arcen's Two Big Games, the first being AI War of course, with the rest not really breaking down as much walls or changing the norm as much as they did. Then again, being experimental does have it's costs, one which you clearly can't afford at this time.

Valley 3 better come the same day as Half-Life 3 though!

I definitely like AVWW 1 better, personally, but I'm also not much of a strategic player, preferring tactical games.  Odd that I play Arcen's games, then, right? 

I wonder if its sales might have recovered/been better if ya'll had stuck with your original plan of updating its graphics rather than making a second game, but I certainly have no information to base that speculation on!  I think the game would have at least turned off fewer people at a glance, certainly, with its unusual art style, lol.

But then again, people who are that shallow probably wouldn't make it past the tutorial level anyway, much less the rather bizarre world and sometimes almost disjointed feeling dichotomy between the world map and survivor mechanics, and the platforming stuff.

All in all, I think it was a wonderful experiment and a fantastic revival of some oldschool Metroidvania/open world concepts with a really fresh, different feel, and I have more hours logged on it than any other game you guys have made. :)

Offtopic a teeny bit, but, incidentally, Bionic Dues is probably my favorite Arcen game. :) While I won't try to objectively evaluate the quality of your individual games, I think it is the "best" in the sense that it's the most straightforward--which is good for business if nothing else!  I agree that the default difficulty is a little too low, though.

But despite some of the recent news, I think Arcen is going in the right direction, and I feel like the occasional game like Bionic Dues that is a little more approachable to those uninitiated in Arcen's style would definitely help draw in new players. :) Just my 2 cents on that.

But I'm definitely glad AVWW happened, and I'd love to see another Metroidvania style title out of you guys again!

AVWW 1 was better. It just needed better player graphics, and perhaps a larger variety of enemies.

2 was a very difficult strategy game with a little platforming inbetween. Didn't like the strategy part as it seemed difficult to manage the guy chasing you and keeping your survivors and buildings in tact while still yet unlocking new areas in randomly placed locations. Too many things to easily go wrong when randomly generated, and I don't like playing at less than hardest difficulty if I can avoid it. I can avoid it in AVWW1, but I usually don't play AVWW at the absolute hardest because at hardest, like at any difficulty in 2, you die far too easily especially from unavoidable attacks. That part was probably worse than any other in AVWW2. Dieing in one hit to auto-hit attacks isn't much fun.

2 lacked real loot and the resources were pretty much intangible. I liked manually getting gems and stuff from multiple environments and random spells and enchantments.

It'd be nice if AVWW 1 had modding akin to Starbound or Minecraft.

Derek Lyons:
I prefer the first one for  design of locations and gaming more pleasant itself


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