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The Legacy of the Valley Actraiser Platformer ARPGs


Chris, Keith, and Blue & Team,
I stand by the Valley games just as strongly if not more strongly than I did during their active development. As of late, Valley 1 in particular has utterly haunted me, primarily because I feel like the concept should have done better commercially than it did. I know that there's little virtue in decrying popular taste, but I hate letting a one-game genre conglomerate, the...lets see, procedural loot based arpg platformer, fade with these two beauties. I know that the development cost and difficulties with the constant criticism caused enough trauma to have a pavlovian aversion to the sound of the title alone, and that's so crushing to me.

I see that the UE4 license is dirt cheap, so maybe Valley 1 Assets on a Billboard polygon or else using Paper2D will kickstart my pipe dream entry into game creation? Or I'll just pass off some quaint unit test to Mick, Misery, Kahuna, and Teal  ;). I think that any attempt to create a sort of Vega Strike or Ooolite project in this genre should be Valley themed in honor of the first few people that had the gonadal tissue to even try. I hope that the unique blend of genres at least lives on in such a project.


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