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Title: Suggestion: Teleport scrolls
Post by: Misery on May 22, 2012, 12:28:31 AM
So, I just ran into this room while exploring an evil outpost:


You can probably see what the problem is there, haha.

Fortunately, I dont HAVE to travel through that particular room to reach the boss;  this is in one of the side-passages that I went into for.... some reason.

But it occurs to me that if the player were to run into a room like this, particularly with the JUMPING spikes, and if it were the only way through..... they could get stuck (particularly in an outpost, or the Overlord's tower) if they dont already have Greater Teleport;  yes, there's also Lesser Teleport, but that one's harder to use and more risky, and depending on the room, it can quickly lead you to spiky doom.   There's bat form too, but again, more risky.

So how about something like a Teleport Scroll?

These would be an item that you'd only find in specific stashes, and they'd be low (quite low) in frequency, kinda like those Decoy Fireworks are in The Deep.   They would function like Greater Teleport, and the point would be that they'd be another option for getting past something like this.   And of course something like this could have other uses too (such as if you got cornered by a nasty boss and were low on health). 
Title: Re: Suggestion: Teleport scrolls
Post by: Chex Warrior on May 22, 2012, 07:23:48 AM
Haha, me and my friend ran into a  similar spiky situation yesterday, he had lesser teleport and I didn't... can you guess who immediately got blasted when we finally made it to the lieutenant?

Regardless, I like this idea, it would be cool to have another loot item anyway.
Title: Re: Suggestion: Teleport scrolls
Post by: Misery on May 22, 2012, 08:22:01 AM
Aye, I'd like to see more area buildings get unique loot; gimme more reason to go into the buildings in each area.   There's some.... the moon lamps in the ice age or the dino scrolls in lava flats, or the fireworks.... things..... whatever those are in the Deeps.

Of course, a teleport scroll wouldnt help with ALL trap rooms.....

I ran into THIS a bit later after that first one:


Yeah.   Teleport aint gonna get you through THAT.  It was even worse than it looked.