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Physical release?


I recently noticed that on it is mentioned you would be able to unlock the demo with a CD key. That makes me wonder: Has there ever been a physical release of AVWW? At least in a physical version didn't sound very likely...

Yes, I'd love to see a physical box in my shelf (right next to AI War and Tidalis), even though I have bought the download only version of the game already :)

We had a physical release of AI War (Classic) in Germany back in 2010 or so, and you could find it on store shelves in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  There was also a release of it in Russia on store shelves.  Tidalis I think was also briefly physically available in a couple of those territories, but it's been so long I can't remember for sure.

We found it so unprofitable, and so many things had already moved to digital sales even a decade ago, that we never pursued it further with any more titles. One trend I've noticed now is that some digital games have physical "gift card" style representations in various stores, like Target and Best Buy, where you can buy the card and redeem it online.  That seems to be the latest compromise in terms of physical presence for games in stores, but without the manufacturing and shelf space costs, potentially without the wholesaler costs, and so on.  But it's definitely not the same as getting a physical package like we used to back in the day...


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