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Good to know! However, I have an issue with the following (dont worry about answering unless you want to, I'm just providing from the perspective of a brand new player, these are the things I am not clear on)

- No idea how to go about seeking out and obtaining granite, aside from happening across it randomly
- No idea how to seek out and recruit NPCs
- No clear "initial set of goals" to work at until I get an idea what I want to accomplish with the game

Right now, the only thing I have really been doing is going after missions, exploring random areas and looking at the maps to see which rooms have extra resources I can harvest, waiting for things to become clear, or to figure out something else I can do.

Yep, that's what we're talking about -- adding a bit more direction after that point.  Don't worry!

I agree with HellishFiend (The post above me was not there a minute ago, blimey ,p)

I seem to be again totally direction less and left without any guidance after the tutorial.

1. Get granite.  Then get and use a residential and storage tower NPC.
2. Get Purple shards. Now get a Stonebinder Tri-Tower.
3. Now that your Stonebinder should be at level 3, get blue shards and use an Aquaurgists Well.
4. Now that you can make windshelters when you want, get green shards and make a Lumbermancy Focal Station.

You can make it a toggle but i feel as if this whole build-up phase needs a feature rich (meaning not just a "go there, fetch that" quest style) tutorial that leads us from start of the game to stage 4

After all, the game only really "starts" proper after you got to stage 4 - and for the first continent it seems to me this ought to be a tutorial/scripted section for the very first continent. And this should cover all gameplay related elements as well in the process (resistances, shields, spells, materials, where to get what, easy way to find where to get what, etc.)

After this level-up to stage 4 phase the over-arching goals should be revealed (not before) so that clutter and confusion are kept to a minimum.

call it the "tutorial mode" or whatever because after the first time and barring heavy changes this is then no longer needed. I also think the text and dialog for that first "tutorial mode" peek into the game should be of particular importance and written with great care. This is what sets the game up - if the learning curve is a cliff, then that would be bad ;p)

(to me, its a black hole, because i am a bit confused with old/new information right now)

eRe4s3r raises a good idea: perhaps the entire first continent should be one giant tutorial?

I think for this type of game, having 3 ways of starting the game would be ideal:

1) The entire first continent is a giant tutorial, and at the end of the tutorial, you have a semi-developed continent and a clear idea of what else you'd like to do with the game, and how to do it.
2) (For veterans) You start the game at the end of the tutorial with a developed settlement, and can pick up the game with a newly generated world as if you had played the tutorial
3) (For hardcore veterans) You start the game with a fresh character, fresh settlement, no inventory, and no tutorial, so you can have the experience of starting a newly generated world without anything to dictate how your first continent gets developed.

Those three options should provide people who love to "re-roll" their world all the time plenty of choice on how they go about doing so.

Bear in mind, the game starts right away -- there are a few macro-game things you cannot do until you get up your first three guardian power buildings, and we're going to script that out.  But for the rest, you can pursue all sorts of other goals and make progress toward beating the overlord right away.


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