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By the way... if "camera follows mouse pointer" is checked, the camera moves when we are in the info tabs and dialog stuff and encyclopedia stuff and "Tutorial Tips"... very disorienting ;)

Speaking of .. things

I also think the health blobs should not "swirl" into you - that looks very weird and is actually kind distracting in combat, when getting close to them, a small light beam in the direction

And what would a post of me be without a mockup ;P

Mhhh, might be not the right topic ;P

Still think we need more faint/pulsing glow. Optional, but makes effects stand out more, needs to be drawn on-top of all effects and scale/dim depending on its function.

Pulsate on things that swirl static in the map... ;P

Wow i just noticed that this is totally in the wrong place (i guess) for talking about tutorials and graphics.. i only read HellishFiend's post, didn't even notice this is a sticky for info ;p

I personally think this is an appropriate topic to discuss tutorials (people will be coming into this topic looking for info on how they can expect to "learn the game". Maybe not graphics, though.  :P

Please just give us a bit of time on those!  We really do want to hear feedback, but right now we already have a raft of plans on the tutorials, and having lots of feedback on what needs to be covered at this stage is overwhelming rather than helpful.  I hope to get most/all of those things in tomorrow, but we'll see.  There's still ocean stuff and some physics stuff that needs fixing before beta phase 3, as well.

You got it.  :)

So where is the elusive granite? :S


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