Author Topic: I really think you need some way of keeping track of things behind objects  (Read 8471 times)

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Huh just looked up Dear Esther and saw it was being remade as a commercial product.

Weird.  I didn't know it'd gotten that far.  I saw last year, or maybe 18 months ago, that it was being redone still as a mod but with higher quality art assets and more polished and stuff like that.  At the time, only a very small sample had been completed, but it looked good and in the spirit of the original version.  Didn't know someone had actually picked it up since then.

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I looks like the guy that was doing the amazing looking remake is still the one working on it, it's just graduated from mod to indie game. I'm OK with that. If the delivered game really does look like the screenshots, I'll buy it just to gape at it and be amazed that someone managed to do that in the source engine.


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