Author Topic: Fix Ocean Buoys?  (Read 6780 times)

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Fix Ocean Buoys?
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:47:04 pm »
Ocean Buoys currently only make the four tiles surrounding them clear of windstorms, and only if the adjacent tiles are also Ocean. The one-tile range makes it very tedious to clear the windstorm on the sea tiles on a continent, since it takes a ridiculous amount of Ocean Buoys. The fact that Ocean Buoys can't clear non-Ocean tiles also makes a continent potentially unbeatable if the Overlord (or a Lieutenant) is located on a one-tile island without Wind Shelter access. I've seen this come very close to happening recently, with the Overlord's Castle only able to be cleared by a Wind Shelter in one specific spot, which could have easily been accidentally blocked off by another Wind Shelter.

I'd like to be able to clear the sea of windstorms the same way I can clear the land, and I want a potential major bug fixed. Could you put out a hotfix to make Ocean Buoys clear costal tiles, and possibly increase their range to equal that of land Wind Shelters?


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