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First animations/music video, and SEVEN screenshots (not one)!

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Pre-Alpha v001 A Valley Without Wind Footage And Music
A Valley Without Wind is the latest exciting game from Arcen; it will be our third full title.  This video represents the culmination of about six months of design work, but we're only about two weeks into the actual implementation of the game.  It's super early days yet, but we've made a lot of exciting progress already, and wanted to share.

The art that you see here is expected to be pretty close to the final version used in the game, if not the final version, in most cases.  The office buildings in particular need a lot more work, though, and of course we need thousands of more images in general to get the variety of location that we need for the game.  And yes, the character's running animation is a bit funny at the moment -- we need to add a few more frames to that. :)

The music featured here is the new title music track for the game by our composer, Pablo Vega.  The soundtrack for AVWW has been under way for more like two months, and so is a bit further along than the rest of the game.  We're anticipating this being our biggest and most varied soundtrack yet, and it's a new style for us, too.  The soundtrack jumps around between all sorts of musical styles and genres as appropriate to the mood and the various locales, but the unifying element between all of them is the chiptunes instrument line(s), which often drive the melody.  Those chiptunes, unusually, are paired with a lot of more traditional instruments, such as the drum kit you hear in this track.  But that's just one example among many.

Thus far, our focus for the game has really been on getting the art set up, because with a procedural world like this, we have to know the techniques for the art right from the start in order to be able to build everything dynamically.  Finding our visual style was a big part of that, because we had to make sure that the technical components left enough room for making art that would stand out.  A lot of the art style actually just came together today -- it went through a more painterly phase, but wound up being a bit more comic-book-ish, which seems more fitting for the action-adventure genre of the game.  Plus it just looks cool; we get mesmerized by the swaying trees...

Stay tuned!  We'll have more screenshots and/or videos on a weekly basis as we get closer and closer to our alpha release!

Updated Screenshots
Can be seen here:

A Few New Tidbits
Can be found from our press release officially announcing the game to the press:

There's also a preview-related interview with yours truly coming on a major PC gaming site very soon -- possibly tomorrow, but I'm not sure.  And looks like there will be some other interviews coming up in the next few weeks; at least one other is already lined up.  Lots of good stuff coming!

I am looking forward to this game, sounds really fantastic. After watching the video twice I begin to like the art style (needed a bit getting used to on my side ;) ).

I know this will change quite a lot, but I there are two things in the video that bother me. First I think that the camera is a bit too "low", you can't see the surroundings well enough. The second thing is that the scolling to the top starts a bit late (the "player" touches the top of the screen).  Both things together make the scenery feeling really narrow and small. Maybe it is different, when you "play", its a bit difficult to judge from only 2 min of video :)

oh, and the music is really great, I love chiptunes.

Woa, all this already?  :o Looks good so far. Looks especially great for a pre-alpha.

Just a trivial question. What is the difference between a pre-alpha and an alpha?

The player-created content stuff sounds terrific. 


A few notes:

1. Yeah, the art style is really unique. I'm really really happy with it, though (office buildings aside). A lot of the animation, etc, doesn't come through on the video as well as I'd hoped even at 720p. But it's not too bad.

2. I definitely noticed the thing with the top of the screen panning up too slowly. It will be fixed shortly. :)

3. The camera definitely isn't going to get any more zoomed out. If anything, I was worried it was too zoomed out already. The size of the viewport is different by screen resolution, though, so if you play with something later than 1280x720, what the screens and video are at, then it will seem further away. Like with ai war, that will also harm performance somewhat and will probably male the text smaller, though. I think some of the disconnect in that video might be that he is just constant surrounded by massive objects. The trees and office buildings are to real life scale, not game scale, in there. Compared to a 2d Zelda game, at that screen resolution ts actually more zoomed out than them. Hope that makes sense!

4. Pre-alpha is referring to this vein before the public alpha. ;)


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