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Feedback after beating the game
« on: February 23, 2013, 10:43:48 AM »
Hi everybody!

I finally managed to beat the game. I have been around since Alpha, but did not have that much time to play and when I did, the game had usually changed in such a fundamental way that I felt a new world woud be appropriate. :-) Alas, but that is Beta.

Now with the released version I finally went through completely. I played on the default settings (Adept / Rook) and needed 58 turns. At the end I was at level 14.

First and most important: I really LOVE the game! The music, the artwork is all fine, but the GAME just shines! I play with the default keyboard settings and really had a blast. The strategic part is awesome as well - once I accidentally used an amplification tower and released three Deep Gates at once - not a good idea especially if you have no idea what Deep gates are. I only later saw that the strategic advisor tells me... but I managed to get through.

Some issues I had:

- Bosses: I only EVER fought three of them, I have never met Lilith and never met Eldar. A pity, I would have liked to hear what they have to say. I could follow the story anyway, but wouldn't it be better if you could force the player to meet all of them? Say in the overlord's keep before unlocking Tier 2 - 5, you always fight one boss - couldn't it be hardcoded which it is, so that the game ensures that you meet every kind of boss at least once?

- Research Facilities: Those used to be super-hard and long with cave sections and whatnot. After they have been nerfed I think they have been nerfed a bit... too much. The facility is really small now and I feel that purifying a knocked down tower is more difficult than the hacking of the facility which is a breeze now.
Maybe the nerf was a little too much and the facility could use another room to traverse. :-)

- Stratospheric citadels: Those felt a bit - anticlimatic. From the tiles' description I suspected a structure in the tile that I had to infiltrate (like a research center) and "smash" the panel. Instead, it was a loooong craggy highlands tile with a normal wind generator. Suggestion: Make the tile a bit shorter and place a building at the end. :-)
By the way: I got the message from my fellow resistance member about the citadels a lot of times at ends of turn, maybe there is a check missing that it already took place?

- Strategic Advisor: After the citadels are smashed, I would have expected that the advisor tells me to infiltrate the lair and defeat the Overlord. He does not. Also after beating the game, it still says "Beware Demonica!" (Or however the guy is spelled)

That's about it in terms of complaints! ;-) I guess I will start a new game right away and see how I fare against higher difficulties...

Thanks a lot for the great game! I will (just for support) buy another key - although I appreciate you giving the game away for free to buyers of AVWW1 I think I more than owe it to you. I spent lots of hours in both games.

So, kudos to you, I am looking forward to Shattered Haven!
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