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Q: When will the game be available?

A: We're shooting for having 1.0 ready to release sometime in October, but if it slips to November that wouldn't be the end of the world.  This is a huge game, and our first priority is doing it right.  But so far things are looking very promising for the October/November timeframe.

Q: Can I get in on the beta?

A: Absolutely, 100% yes.  How it works is this: once we hit beta, we make the game available for preorder purchase, or for demo for free.  So that means that you can plunk down some money to get the full beta at a discount, and that means you've got the full game forever after.  Or you can be more cautious and just enjoy the beta versions of the demo as they progress, and purchase later if it suits you.

Q: When can I preorder?

A: Not until we actually release the beta.  Please be sure and try the beta demo first if you aren't sure; we prefer to have happy customers who buy something that they definitely enjoy.  That's a big part of why we won't take any preorders until there's actually a version of the game that you can demo and play.

Q: When will the beta be available?

A: Right now we're thinking late August, but that's a very soft date.  All we've officially said is "sometime this summer."  It definitely won't be before August, but if we want to hit November for full release it can't be much after it, either.  So if things continue to go well, we're really trying to hit that month for beta.

Q: Will there be preorder discounts?

A: Yes, we're currently planning to start out at around 50% off in very early beta, then move to 25% off, then be at full price at 1.0.  Although that's subject to change; the final pricing hasn't been nailed down yet.

Q: Will the game be on Steam, Impulse, GamersGate, etc?

A: I don't see why not, although we haven't talked to them about this game yet.  We prefer to have something awesome and fairly far along before we bring it to them.  But they've carried all our other titles, if that's any indication.
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