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Anyone Up for Charging for VWW 2?


         its been forever!.... well... a few millennium at least and saw Bionic Dues earlier and had fond memories and then found out Arcen might be releasing code, and I thought, 'oh my!'  I mean if all I cared about was a game, I'd go, Yea!  But what I was hoping was an eventual paid DLC, so going open code is like, 'please don't'.
 Now i'm looking at VWW 1 and 2 and thinking well... I was in on the test on this and so I got if for free, but I'd still pay money for number 2 if that would bring in money for Arcen, and keep some of the 'old games' they made alive. But I guess AIW2 has been eating time and everything else for almost 2 years now?
I've been gone a while, so I can't remember exact dates and I don't want to offend anyone, sorry, I just talk fast. But I was really thinking that breaking out 1 and 2 into separate sellable packages might be a good thing, for Arcen and keep things afloat and the game machine well oiled and running if Arcen would consider it and if the community supported that decision too.  :)

ANyway... :)   Wadda you think? Please no flames!  I'm very sensitive and half clam as well, which all means... I don't deal very well with that sort of stuff, but if you disagree, you are most welcome to just say, "Hey! I DONT think so!"  :) 

Thanks for listening, hope there's still some old time forumers out there!  :)  Missed you guys and gals!  I been, well... haha, working and paying bills and having had a game, except every once in a blue moon, so posting to forums has been out of my norm for a bit. 

I'm not entirely back. But still I'm around here and there sometimes, but if there was a game separation or expansion, or asset update, (you don't have to throw in a ton, just a little here and there) then I'd buy it, even if I'm not on the forums as much.

THanks for listening, good to see everyone!!  :)

-Teal_Blue   :)

I know its silly to reply to myself, but just wanted to add, just in case it wasn't entirely clear.

I already have the games, both of them,

But I would STILL PAY AGAIN, if they were separate.

Even if there was nothing new added, just to get some funds in to Arcen, and maybe other people might think thats not a bad idea either.

So..there, i hope that's clear.

Thanks for listening,


I really appreciate the sentiment! We definitely don't want to start charging people for things they already bought, though. :)

Sorry, I sometimes don't think things through enough. You are right, I may think its ok, but lots of people wouldn't and I know as a company that would not be a good thing.
Anyway, thanks for responding and take care,


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