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Any reason Valley 1 1.207 is still beta?


So I randomly decided to start playing Valley 1 again for the first time in about a year, started a new game, and immediately got sucked back into it.  I got about halfway through the second continent, and started to get the "this is getting grindy" feeling.  At that point I remembered that there was beta update that I had never downloaded.  I had always assumed that it was a minor update, and had never bothered with it.  After installing the patch, the difference was like night and day.  The drop rates are fixed so that it doesn't feel nearly as grindy, there are a bunch of new maps that add variety, as well some quality of life improvements (like the gifting menus). 

As far as I can tell, there's no reason to play version 1.200 over 1.207.  I realize that initially more updates were planned until Valley 2 came about, but at this point, a new update probably isn't going to happen.  So to get to the point finally... I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to push out the current version as a stable version so that people don't get stuck playing the older version like I did.

Ah yes, definitely that is something to do.  I will get to that soon, when I am adding the linux support to the game. :)

Thanks for mentioning it!

Good to hear.  That will probably be a good time too, since there will be an influx of new players.

I had forgotten how much I liked Valley 1.  It's kind of an acquired taste, but is really fun when you get into it.  Even more so with the latest patch.

Thanks. :)

That's now out!,15998.0.html

I agree with forgetting how fun it was.  I haven't played it in quite some while, since mostly I was playing Valley 2.  But when I went back to it to test it out on Linux, I was remembering just how much fun it was.


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