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All this is very interesting--even if I'm slightly confused on what the actual genre will be (RPG/adventure/puzzle/etc.) and the varying levels of those.

Hey!  You can bare to explain more of it to us, even if the game will continue to morph until the stage of public release!  Don't be like Keith!  :<

It's an adventure game through and through, no exceptions.  There are some mild RPG-ish elements same as there are some mild simulation aspects in there, but even those are more in the manner of something like Secret of Mana in terms of stats and their effect on you and the world.

I'm not "being like Keith," whatever that means.  But I've also no intention to start getting second-guessed on design stuff before it's even implemented. ;)


--- Quote ---Realtime -- think Zelda, Crystalis, or similar.  This is an adventure game through and through, with some other stuff layered on top.  The JRPG aspects integrate with the game as they do in Crystalis or Secret of Mana, that sort of thing.  Except we do plan to have some riffs and twists on the good 'ol standbys, but some of that is TBD during implementation.  The idea is for everything to be more surface-accessible, though, so that you aren't looking at a page of character stats that are 80% useless clutter, heh.
--- End quote ---

You might want to explain this better on the preview page. Even though it says "adventure" on the preview page, that's probably a pretty broad category. In fact, when I read the preview I thought it would be an RPG for some reason. Probably because you just said "Adventure", maybe make it clearer as "Action Adventure" or maybe even saying the gameplay is similar to those games you listed. I'm just bringing this up because I showed this to one of my friends who plays AI War, but doesn't check the website/forums daily like me, and he said it sounded like Fallout 3 with magic. Because of this, he almost immediately dismissed the game (he didn't like the Fallout games, apparently.) I've never played Fallout, but I've seen a couple of other people play it, and from what I saw it didn't look anything like what you are trying to do here. I know the preview page was mostly to show off the very interesting concepts you had for the game, especially the effectively infinite genned world, but you might want to just be a little clearer on exactly what genre of game to expect.

That aside, the game sounds awesome! You guys made such an addictive space strategy game, I hope this is is just as addicting! I'm really liking how you are talking about always having many short and long term goals in the game, I always like having new stuff to do! (One of the reasons I like AI War, actually. I've been playing for a few months now, and I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface of all the content the game has to offer.)

Very good point, Invelios -- I updated it to say action-adventure.  I'm not a fan too much of the other kind of adventure game, so I forget they exist.  To me, adventure and RPG are two totally different things, but that's not how everyone looks at it, I realize. ;)

Anyway, we have a long time left to win your friend back. :)

Thanks so much for the kind words on the game!

It's the "action" part of this that would scare me off. Still, after reading the article at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I've got to say that I'm really intrigued. Action or not, I'm going to have to check it out, I think.

Oh, and any comparison with the original Fallout would only make the game sound that much better!


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