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It's no secret that A Valley Without Wind is a complicated game. This is meant to be a place to come for help with some of the areas that folks have trouble with most frequently. We'll build this over time as questions come in.

Q. I can't find any gems at all! Where do I look for these things if I need more than I get from the missions?
A. Provided by Toll
Step one: Go into a region. That's a square on the map, by the way.
Step two: Find an overland chunk (i.e. one "room", for lack of better explanation) that is coloured differently in the map. Dark green are normal, bright green have entrances to the underground.
Step three: Go there and enter the underground.
Step four: Find bright yellow rooms. They're normally guarded by bosses, but sometimes you'll get lucky and there's one unguarded.
Step five: Destroy the gem deposits there and collect the gems. Success!

Oh, and in case you haven't figured that out yet, different chunks have different gems. Open up the big honkin' encyclopedia and look the gem up in the material compendium to see where to look.

Q. Can I redeem the registration code I already have on Steam?

FAQ needs updating... Keys can (apparently) now be redeemed!

Keys, indeed, can be redeemed.


--- Quote from: V2Blast on September 03, 2012, 09:09:56 pm ---FAQ needs updating... Keys can (apparently) now be redeemed!

--- End quote ---

You are correct, thanks for pointing this out.


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