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Brutal Gamer Interviews Arcen Games
« on: May 16, 2011, 07:10:48 AM »
Originally posted:

Brutal Gamer's Amy Nelson followed up her Tidalis review by interviewing us on all things Arcen and indie games. We discuss several topics including potential consoles/handheld devices we've considered for our games, as well as our selling points for A Valley Without Wind.

Here's one of the questions and responses from the piece:
"AI War: Fleet Command is a RTS, Tidalis is a puzzle game, and A Valley Without Wind is an action adventure. You seem to be hitting on all the popular genres. What do you have in store for us next?
Chris: Well, these are the genres that I have a lot of personal interest in — my goal was to never be thought of us “just a strategy game developer.”  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I have broader interests than just strategy games, and part of the freedom of being an indie is getting to pursue your interests.  I think we’re going to be busy with AVWW, and expansions and free DLC for both it and AI War for another year or two — ideally, anyway.  Beyond that it’s hard to say with any clarity, but we’ve got a lot of game designs floating around the team.  If there’s one thing we never have a shortage of, it’s ideas!  I think perhaps the most popular next project idea at the moment is a very streamlined turn-based tactics game built partly on the AVWW engine."
And here's a portion specifically relating to Tidalis:
"So far, your games have all been developed for PC and Mac. Do you have plans to bring any of your current or future games to the console or handheld markets?
Chris: It would be nice to do so, but I’m wary of getting bogged down in endless porting work.  None of our games except Tidalis are really suitable for handhelds...
Erik: I really think Tidalis has a lot of potential as an iOS, Android or even as an XBLIG/XBLA title, but we’ve yet to see the commercial success we’d like on the game’s current platforms to really encourage us in that direction just yet. That said, from all the feedback we’ve received from press and players we know Tidalis is a good, fun game. It just seems (because of several various factors) to have trouble drawing in those who haven’t given it a chance, something we are actively working on to remedy."
Read the full interview over on Brutal Gamer.