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Title: Utilize Steam's Beta Opt-In
Post by: casualsax on April 23, 2014, 04:54:35 PM
Steam has a beta mode, which allows new versions of a game to be released separately from the main release for users who opt-in.  This could allow a small amount of QA on new features and provide a more stable first experience with new users.  This came to me after the recent docking change - it was identified as a needed balance change almost immediately, but still caused significant displeasure to several new players.

A lot of it depends on how difficult it is to set up - I know that Fallen Enchantress uses it.  I submitted this idea to Mantis (, but thought it was worth discussing here as well.  My thought is that even a few hours early with the new patch would be useful, but running on a one day lag would be even better.