Author Topic: Spacesector : The Last Federation – First Impressions  (Read 772 times)

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Spacesector : The Last Federation – First Impressions
« on: April 23, 2014, 11:40:55 AM »

In my opinion Space Sector is the authority on PC Space games. They usually do a "First Impressions" then later a Full Review.

Quote is about space, science fiction and strategy gaming. Although the PC is the predominant platform, we also cover games for Mac, iOS, Android or even Consoles, although these more rarely. We cover sci-fi strategy games, especially space strategy games. But, we also cover other kinds of strategy games and space games when we perceive them to be of high interest to the community.

We cover all these types of games for all platforms with news and other articles but we specialize in writing deep reviews and previews for games which contain a good deal of strategic and/or tactical elements. Basically games which require careful thinking, planning and decision making. These include 4X, Turn-based strategy, Turn-based tactics, Real-time strategy, Real-time tactics, Tower Defense and Grand strategy games.

Therefore is about space and sci-fi gaming but on its core it is much about strategy.

And, is also a place for the developers of these games to dwell. The devs are encouraged to present their games and participate in vibrant discussions in order to keep these genres alive and well. Anyone is invited to announce their project for which the forums would be the perfect place to do that.
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Re: Spacesector : The Last Federation – First Impressions
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