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RCI and Player Actions...
« on: May 19, 2014, 05:09:24 PM »
This is just a re-echo of what Misery has already said here,,15453.0.html

and just to re-raise the awareness that RCI values at present aren't affected (to any appreciable degree) by what the player does, which makes the game in many ways a game that plays itself. The player needs to be able to stop wars, or influence a stronger race to stop a war. To do medical research to find cures to cure diseases instead of having medical drop to the point where a planet is completely lost to the disease.

There needs to be a balance between what the game does in 'bad' events, and what the player can do to 'counter' those events. That is interesting. That makes the game more fun and challenging and interactive. A story told by the game AND the player, instead of the player on the periphery and at the mercy of what is scripted.

Anayway, Misery said it all, i'm just re-posting it in hopes it can be addressed by the devs. TLF is a could be a very cool game if we could fix some of the things that are so frustrating to so many players.

Thanks for listening, if you support this idea, please add your comments or posts to Misery's original post, or to Mantis. THe original mantis entry by Misery is shown as closed,

 but from all the comments regarding RCI issues and player actions to address them even in the 1019 version (latest as of 5-19-2014) show that the problems are still there.

Anyway, thank you for listening, take care,


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