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Impressions and stuff
« on: April 11, 2014, 01:59:59 PM »
So I played this yesterday evening and ended up playing all night :D So I'd say it's quite fun at least but meant I was too tired to post this right after it, anyway here are my thoughts(on version.852 I think):

During the first battle.
Now it's time to attack? Telling me I have new options seems weird. It's not like I was very clear on what options I had before. Telling me the weapons are to right and attack modes to left would have helped.
Why'd I win? there were bunch of turrets and smaller ships left. Making it clear that you only need to kill certain types of enemies would be nice.
Also weapons say use and skip turn but when I select one it just switches to that weapon. fixed alread apparently

I didn't really like the solar map intro.
Saying that things are unavailable instead of hidden might have bothered me less at the time but having played through it I suppose it's more correct way to say it. Saying not to worry about federation and get credits and influence could be told much faster and simpler by telling that the forming a federation requires both.
Using the race colors here when mentioning the races would help with learning them.

Anyway since I'm sure you're busy and all here's how I'd edit the solar map intro
I'm going to introduce you to this gradually. For now, a lot of detailed stats and stuff is hidden.

Before you can even start forming the federation you'll need some [#b38dff]Credit[#ffffff] and enough [#b38dff]Influence[#ffffff] with a few races. A humble suggestion is to get started on both by doing the friendly act of [#b38dff]delivering spacefaring tech[#ffffff] to the [#lblue]Skylaxians[#ffffff], [#fb9702]Andors[#ffffff], and/or [#cyan]Peltians[#ffffff], and then run some [#b38dff]dispatch missions[#ffffff] for them to gain more credit.

If you want to read this (or any other) message again, just click [#b38dff]Your Logbook[#ffffff].

While figuring the solar map out

Hmm so what now?
time is passing, maybe I should pause it while I figure out how to do anything.
Woo left clicking a planet moves me, but it also unpauses the game. I'd except it to either not move until I unpause or pause again after moving(or do it while paused?!).
How do I see who is who?, right the tiny icons above planets. I think the stuff you see right after moving to a planet should also be shown when just hovering over the planet.(this works better in the new version)
I'd kind of like some info panel somewhere in the screen explaining the race icons and possibly other icons that I can leave open until I don't feel I need it anymore.

Other stuff.

Racial power grid, I can't sort it!
How do I see the tooltips of RCI scores? They disappear when I move mouse away from the planet towards them.
How do I get boarines to join the federation? I can't find the option for it no matter what I do. (had to make skylaxians convince them)
It seems like you get more influence if you release prisoner three by three instead of all you have at once.(at least I got from Acutians with -700ish influence)

EDIT:Mantised everything I felt important
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