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First Impressions & Problems with the Endgame
« on: April 20, 2014, 12:17:33 PM »
1st of all thanks for this new inovative Game!

I spend some time to build my 1st federation and managed to get a great Alliance with the most Aliens.
The Evucks are Dust, the Burlust are my greatest Enemy and I am unable to get the Boarine in the Allliance.

All others are on my side.

Problem No.1 :

The Burlust Fleet is also Dust but they have still to much ground Power, that even the force of my whole Allliance cant beat them.
I dont know what to do, i have allready tryed to sabbotage them as much as i can do (most to hurt economy and medical, also some bomb shelter and ion cannons) but they build up the buildings faster as i can destroy them (not enough credits)
I spend some time to support my alliance members to get more medical rating (more population = more ground Power right?)
And even now when the burlust are not longer the no.1 in ground power  my alliance do not manage to conquer the planet (but loose maaany Soldiers instead).

i waited several years hopefully that the situation changed, but even after 10 years are my problem still the same.

There should be some better tools to deal with this (biology/chemical warfare, asteroids, nukes ... whatever) the space superior is so high that they even should have problems with enough sunlight ;)

Problem No.2:

I have a realy high influence with the boarines, and they like the Skylaxian above 90. But unfortunatly the skylaxian only about 55.
Is it possible to have a tradeagreement with the boarines? It seem to me thats impossible, and so i am unable to have relation above 50 with the boarlines (trade research was the only other tool i have allready used up)

This Problem is not that great, i think in a new game i could better take care on this and prevent this situation, so the only other option now is to blow them out (after i solved problem No.1 of course ;) )

In the time i am writing this i have some new thoughts how i can solve this problems on my own, so i will try it further.
But if any have some ideas i like to hear about it  ;)

In the attachments u can see my problems ....

But after all i had a lot of fun to get to the point where i am now in the game

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Re: First Impressions & Problems with the Endgame
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2014, 05:56:39 AM »
I'd like to add on to this thread and say I'm also experiencing the exact same problem. Was able to influence the pants out of most of the races and get them to form a Federation in a relatively short period of time. Just had the Boarines, Evucks, and my favorite android punching bags, the Acturians left. The Boarines quickly surrendered to the Andors (!!!) since the Boarine regent was stuck in a defensive mood. The Evucks were easy to convince them to vote when I 'helped' them broker a peace deal with the other Federation races.

That just left the Acturians and precisely the same situation Admiral Tolwin's got here. All the Federation Races just going after their homeworld and swirling around, and shooting at... something?

Only problem on my end is that it seems like the Burlusts actually have enough troops to take over the planet. And yet... it's been about a decade in and the armada just grows larger and larger.

Is there maybe a problem with the Federation races competing to see who gets to keep the planet? It's possible that since they're all pitched in to fight the Acturians that could be a thing!
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