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AI War II / Re: War of the Dark Spire - AI War 2 AAR
« Last post by Kesseleth on Yesterday at 10:56:18 AM »
That's, hmm... potentially problematic. I may want some additional vengeance generators, but too many and my final stand may prove impossible, not to mention they'll spread like wildfire after the hack since defenses will be vanquished across the galaxy. Having said that, I think the AI will do a fine job making sure they don't spread too far in the early and mid game, since a Turtle AI will have strong defenses and even after neutering a planet there will still be turrets and fleets to help defend.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a (challenging and risky) way to remove Vengeance Generators. If I want to systematically eliminate the Dark Spire and truly win the war, that'd make this a true achievement! Of course, I understand why that may not be possible without crippling the Dark Spire's capabilities.
AI War II / Re: Response to Improving AI Strategy
« Last post by Draco18s on Yesterday at 10:21:27 AM »
General like of the ideas here. No specific comments.
AI War II / Re: Response to Improving AI Strategy
« Last post by AnnoyingOrange on Yesterday at 06:36:46 AM »
In other words, if the Marauders are at 10, the AI’s response is 10, regardless if the player sets the AIs’ difficulty each at 4. Otherwise, the player basically handicaps the AI out of being relevant.

Isn't the entire point of minor faction intensity to give the player more fine grained control over the difficulty level they want to play at?
I suppose you could have factions with two intensity settings (one for benefits and one for maluses), or factions that compliment each other such as Alt Champion Progress and Nemesis in classic.
AI War Classic / Re: Surviving exo waves
« Last post by AnnoyingOrange on Yesterday at 06:29:17 AM »
FS exos are total nothingburgers (so far)

Famous last words, rofl.

But how in the world did you get 30k ships to chase you at the second shard, with such a tiny AIP?
I'm seeing CPAs near that size at 900 AIP against 7/7 Chivalric, are you sure you didn't give the AI players a massive positive handicap or set the fallen spire intensity to something ridiculous like 9/10?
AI War Classic / Re: Surviving exo waves
« Last post by Worblehat on Yesterday at 05:18:29 AM »
Adding to this thread rather than starting yet another new thread...

I'm getting very frustrated by the surprise difficulty spikes in this game.  :( The latest issue is the chase for the second Fallen Spire city shard. I had figured it would be somewhat tougher than the first city shard chase, but compensated by my nice Spire fleet from the first city (said fleet had just torched a CPA+FS exo combination without the slightest difficulty). Instead I faced literally as many ships in the chase as I'd faced in the entire game previously - 30k. Which I know because I got the "killed 30k ships in one game" achievement early in the chase. That was ... not survivable, let's say. Spire ships are good, but not that good, especially when stuck escorting a speed 36 shard for a substantial distance.

Having seen many other threads just casually assume the acquisition of Spire cities at will, and some such threads advocating building the first one as hab + 5 reactors from the start (which I agree is a desirable end state for a chokepoint city, but how the heck you could ever get the second shard without shipyards at the first city is baffling ???), this was quite unexpected. Given the scale of opposition, I don't see how to move forward. Beachheading is just throwing a snowball at a supernova at this scale, as is teching up some fleetships. Lots of warheads would probably work, but is every city really supposed to cost 6ish AIP?! Five mk1 forts might help, though that's a lot of resources (including matter converters to power them).

Do people normally lay waste to the entire region around the system the shard spawns in, so that the chase happens entirely in friendly territory and all the AI spawns have to travel several systems just to reach the shard? I wasn't planning on expanding in this direction until City #4, if then... Plus I'm not sure how Fallen Spire calculations care about AIP - seems to say that these chase waves don't include AIP at all (which is also my understanding for FS exos), but on the other hand I have quadrupled my AIP (from 20 to 80) since the first city chase and the severity seems about 4x worse, so maybe the wiki is outdated here as in so many other places.

Is the Fallen Spire transceiver victory considered significantly more difficult than a regular victory? Aside from lingering worries about the scaling of Alt Champ Nemesis exo waves, I'm reasonably confident that I'd win by stopping at one Spire city and proceeding toward normal homeworld assaults from now on (though that's really not what I had planned for this game). It's super-weird that attempting to take the next step toward the alternate victory results in nearly instant death.  ???
AI War II / Re: Improving AI in-combat strategy
« Last post by zeusalmighty on Yesterday at 02:44:54 AM »
My response went too long to be read in this thread, so I posted it here:
AI War II / Response to Improving AI Strategy
« Last post by zeusalmighty on Yesterday at 02:36:40 AM »
TLDR: This is a response to the post regarding ways of improving AI strategy. My response was too long to submit in that thread so I posted it here. 

Link to the original post:

General Overview:
The roles of the hunter and the warden need to be more clearly delineated (e.g., classic’s special-forces riot ships). To this end I propose to make the sentinels to be the Jack-of-all-trades, while Hunters and Wardens specialize in offense and defense respectively. By focusing on their distinct roles, special tactics can be allocated to each based on their respective strengths (waves tactics doesn’t apply to wardens, for instance). I divide my comments based on the main AI opponents, some attention to general functions as well as giving specific scenarios when further context is needed.

1. Can engage in “General Tactics” (see below)
2. Raiding Waves: Sends some waves (indistinguishable from normal waves) that purely consists of raiders and raid guardians that should split into “raiding parties” upon arrival to do a multi-planet attack—raiding parties should engage in “general tactics.”
3. Coordinate with Hunters (see below)

1. No defensive units—gravity guardian, spider guardian, temperamental guardian, fragmenting guardian, and vanguards are banned
2. Diversion: When a CPA or exo-galactic attack is imminent, Hunters will send small squadrons to medium defended planets (those without fleet usually) and hit-and-run resource collectors. (The idea is that CPA’s are big threats which will occupy players’ attention, but the Hunters will confuse the player by attacking several places at once, possibly obscuring where the CPA is coming from, and hurting the players’ economy)
3. Raiding parties: Basically, the same as the Sentinels version, but emphasis entirely on CPA’s (since it doesn’t use direct waves). Raiding parties are synchronized with the next available wave, randomly choosing to attack before, during, or after the wave launches—*this interval needs to adjust for the approximate time the Hunters can get into position.
4. Flank: Consolidate significant amount of available of Hunter forces to launch a wave at a highly valued planet, randomly choosing to attack before, during, or after the next non-direct wave. Goal should be to destroy the command center and then either retreat or engage in “general tactics”

1. No offensive units—tractor guardian, raid guardian, and raiders are banned
2. Usurper Exception: The wardens are permitted to assist a planet with a usurper present (since the usurper is supposed to reclaim the planet, it seems appropriate that the wardens can do special convey missions (**actually, that would be really cool to see a CPA of usurpers escorted by wardens). Might be good if the wardens suffered attrition damage if the usurpers die.
General Tactics:
1. Economy Harass: Divide and conquer resource collectors (metal and energy harvesters), retreat or regroup to continue harassment on adjacent planet
2. Tachyon Hit-and-run: Destroy detectors, retreat, repeat (this behavior is to facilitate infiltration of cloaked ships into player’s territory; see also special tactics)
3. Kill Irreplaceable: Focus fire an irreplaceable structure (this may be moot currently)
4. Deep Strike: Target HW or nearby planet, ignoring player defense on in-between planets (Goal should be to rush target by overwhelming force—*must meet high strength threshold to initiate)

Special Tactics:
1. Cloaking Behavior: Cloaked units should gather and attempt to hide on a planet near HW (using “scout behavior”). They will become active when the have sufficient strength and synchronized with next available wave. Cloaked units of any AI faction should act in tandem (so Hunter and Sentinels should synchronize cloaked forces) and can engage in “general tactics” (with some self-evident exceptions)
2. Anti-bubble shield units (Plasma guardians, stingrays, vicious raid starships…) should focus target forcefields, prioritizing nearest to command station (if applicable).

Miscellaneous Suggestions for Increasing Difficulty:
1. AI Strength Proportional to Minor Faction Difficulty: This probably needs a discussion unto itself, but basically, I think we need to base the AI’s response to minor factions by making it proportional to the difficulty of the minor faction. In other words, if the Marauders are at 10, the AI’s response is 10, regardless if the player sets the AIs’ difficulty each at 4. Otherwise, the player basically handicaps the AI out of being relevant. I suspect that this would be the simplest way of balancing the minor factions at the most general level.

2.Mines for the AI:
  a.Change Stealth Guard Post into Mine Field Guard Post, which has a variety of mines orbiting it (~avg. fleet ship range), 85mm armor, and “cluster rocket” (i.e., long-range grenade launcher). (Mines should counter fleet ships, guns should focus things beyond the mines range, especially concussion corvettes.) ***Stealth Guard Posts currently have no purpose, so something has to happen to them.

  b. AI should be able to place “patches” of mines, spaced in zones in the area between wormholes. Patches would ideally be randomly picked from a set of geometrical patterns—and at the very least—not just randomly scattered.

Off Topic / Re: Do you use a geeky video game ringtone on your phone?
« Last post by Logorouge on December 11, 2018, 10:53:23 PM »
I don't. But that's because I don't own a mobile phone. Otherwise you can bet I would put some game music and sounds on it.
Off Topic / Do you use a geeky video game ringtone on your phone?
« Last post by KeThomas91 on December 11, 2018, 10:51:37 PM »
I am currently using the World of Warcraft sound effect/music when you turn a quest in with my text messages. I like it.
AI War II / Re: Thoughts on Guardians and Guard Posts?
« Last post by zeusalmighty on December 11, 2018, 10:40:19 PM »
New question! AI stationary forcefields: Wanted back? Might be able to get those in action again.

Yes! Make stingrays great again! BUT!

1) These need to actually spawn adjacent something worth protecting. If it doesn't have anything stationary under it, it's an obnoxious eyesore
2) Hard cap on how many the AI can have per planet, no more than 3 (and lower mark planets probably should have max 2)
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