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AI War II / Re: War of the Dark Spire - AI War 2 AAR
« Last post by Kesseleth on Yesterday at 10:07:01 PM »

This... could take a while.

Come on, rebuilders. Prove yourselves worthy of that name.

Damn me, these things are powerful!

I may regret this, but I will save beforehand just in case. I shall send my fleet in to pound the Dire Guardian into the dirt, then beat a hasty retreat before losses grow too much. Hopefully.


Another attempt is in order. Let us see...

All right, what do we have here... The biggest threat is the Dire Shredder Guardian, unsurprisingly. I wish I had MLRS turrets on hand - I think their fast rate of fire would prove an effective counter. The number of ships on the planet is very low, so my parasites will be of limited use as well...

But the energy use is exorbitant. This makes nucleophilic turrets the most powerful, though they didn't exactly fare well. Pike turrets can exploit the armor, too. So, pike turrets and nucleophilic turrets, followed by intense prayer. It's the best option I can see.

Just after destroying those turret husks I noted that the shredder drones themselves have very low armor. Thus concussion turrets are also likely helpful. I presume that is why they were out on the field to begin with... but it's been a week since I last had a chance to continue my quest, so I can't recall.

The hope is that, with the turrets farther away from the Shredder, they will have time to be constructed before the drones arrive.

The turrets are built! At the cost of an extraordinary amount of metal, but the Guardian's death will be worth the price.

These sniper turrets are dealing a bit of damage and saving a bit of time with which my other turrets can clear out the nearby foes.

This appears to be the critical moment. Have at thee, Dire Shredder!

A winning strategy. The guardian will perish soon.

Tangential, but... damn me, this is a frightening looking beast.

With the Dire Shredder Guardian taken care of, I would almost say the planet is as good as ours.


Me neither, which is why I am saving immediately. If I recall, Dire Guardians never respawn, so that is a permanent blow struck to the AI nonetheless.

The sniper turrets will be useful for the rest of the planet. I won't make quite as many engineers this time, however.

This doesn't appear to be going too well. Nor too poorly, but still.

There. My metal will be gone shortly but so will those guardians.

The guard posts will be eliminated shortly.

Perhaps not shortly. Out of impatience, I will build turrets in the midst of the foes to speed this process some.

Ugh. Another one.


At least we agree on something.

The Eye is removed. With that the planet is very nearly mine.

It would appear that the Honeypot was destroyed at some point. Annoying. I will deal with it later.

Finally! Planet after planet after planet of conquering. Sniper ships shall be my reward.

At this point, great care must be taken. Orsha is not part of my core cluster - in other words, it's expendable once I get all the knowledge I can from it. However, that doesn't mean I don't want to defend it - just that it will be less well defended than Gyarm and Tulev. We'll see how long and how well I manage to hold onto the planet. In the meantime, now is the time to lick my wounds, rebuild my fractured fleet, set up some rudimentary defenses, and decide where to go next... but that will be a tale for another day.

Until next time, brave adventurers. Stay sharp.
AI War II / Re: War of the Dark Spire - AI War 2 AAR
« Last post by Kesseleth on Yesterday at 10:06:04 PM »

Pushed them back. All too easy.

Some turrets, some fighting, and the planet is nearly clear.

Deleted my turrets on Lorica, as they are no longer needed. Now, let's see what awaits me on Atanasoff...

Damned large wave, for a normal one. Let me keep an eye on this...

Ah, yes. Having this menu open reminds me... The most recent update added Transports. I may have to make use of these.

Actually, they are being taken care of rather handily. That's nice, at least.

Atanasoff, my next goal... hmm. There's an Ion cannon here, but otherwise nothing particularly dangerous.

The tooltip notes that anything the same Mark as the cannon will not be targeted by it... and thankfully, I have on hand sniper turrets of the same Mark. That should make this relatively painless.

Its shields are damaged, at the least. It will be down soon.


This planet will be clear before long, thankfully.

More turret cleanup.

With Atanasoff taken care of, I am at last at my ultimate goal: Orsha. Mark IV, but containing the Sniper schematics I fought all this way to obtain. Here's hoping it was worth it.

*clacks tongue* This will be a tough nut to crack, it seems. Lots of turrets, an Ion Eye, and a Dire Guardian. Ion Eyes don't attack turrets, though, so that should help.

Let's see how these turrets fare. Some engineers will help, though they'll be shot down quickly.

Damn. The Shredder Drones are the problem, it seems.

All right, let's see how this works.

Rebuilders and engineers were downed within seconds, accomplishing little. Hmm...

This may come at the cost of quite a lot of metal, but hopefully those turrets will begin to make some headway.

All right, the turrets are up. Well, some of them. It's not pretty but it will do for now.
AI War II / Re: War of the Dark Spire - AI War 2 AAR
« Last post by Kesseleth on Yesterday at 10:04:28 PM »


Greetings, brave adventurers. It is time to continue the War of the Dark Spire. Times have been busy, outside of my intersteller mission to save the galaxy from a machination of pure evil. It has been a decent while as a result. Regardless... let us continue where we left off.

Here is my fleet, on Lusitania.

And here is Orsha, which has schematics for a powerful looking ship known as the Sniper. To get there will require passing through five other planets, neutering them along the way. This will allow some slight freedom of travel for my fleet as a bonus on top of the new ship. I feel some slight wariness, though, for the Dark Spire waits in the darkest reaches of the galaxy, and I need to get my forces powerful quickly, before they begin destroying the AI and coming for me.


The AI can think whatever it wishes, but all I know is that I must decide what planet to attack next. In the meantime it looks like the Hunter Fleet is moving toward Lusitania - a strange move, for the offensive force. Meanwhile there's 50 strength of threat all of a sudden - enough to be a sure annoyance. Battles like the previous one take up far too much time for my liking.

An attack arrives, and is repelled. It had more strength half a second ago, as seen in the attack notice up top. This is of little concern.

Meanwhile Lusitania is being cleared of its last enemies. The Hunter Fleet approaches, however.

Just passing through, it seems. Licking its wounds, I suppose.

Some turrets moved to the center for faster clearing. Metal is sparse but I am impatient.

... Okay, that was a terrible idea. At least I won't be spending metal on those.

All permanent items on the planet are removed, excepting the Warp Gate, Command Station, and the Fortress. I will leave my turrets for now, until the latter is taken care of... in fact, I will leave them for a time longer. I've been meaning to set up a honeypot, a diversion to keep the Warden Fleet busy. This seems as good a place as any - though I will want to move the turrets around later, once my metal reserves are restored.

Vardi is the next planet on course to the Snipers. Badaya, to the top, was also an option, but it has another Fortress so Vardi should be easier to conquer.

Powerful, and a Plasma Eye. Given its distance I am not too concerned, though. I won't even need to go near it to reach Sholla, though I will leave some guard posts behind unless I bring some sniper turrets.

Immediately upon entering I am greeted by the Wardens. On the way to the honeypot, hopefully, though annoying to run into them at the same time.

Oh, now that is a sight. The Wardens are passing me by, to engage my honeypot. Fantastic.

Some turrets of my own to eliminate those annoying sniper turrets. My engineers failed to build them quickly, though, leading to heavy losses. Annoying.

I will leave my nucleophilic turrets here to continue weeding out the remaining turrets. I will also make some sniper turrets to get rid of the last guard post, followed by the Eye. That will render this planet neutered.

Plinking away at that fortress, still... Sure is good I grabbed those. They're incredible! Speaking of, I have some waves incoming, courtesy of what I believe is the Double Wave Glitch. Pity, they'd removed that one last I heard.

Sholla, the next planet along the way, seems fairly unremarkable. Mark II, a handful of defensive structures, a fortress in the corner... nothing to write home about for the most part.

Damn, Wardens changed their targets while I was waiting for a few stragglers. Now is perhaps the time to enter Sholla.

Early movements into Sholla are going well. I should be done with this planet before long.

Just the one remaining guard post. Well, two, but the other is far in the corner and I don't care to deal with it right now. After this, Lorica...

It's but a Mark I, though the Plasma Eye may prove annoying. Its placement means I can maneuver the fleet and avoid dealing with it, at least.

Hmm. Poor timing...


I entrust this task to you, Raiders. I want that base down now.

Meanwhile, Sholla is safe and my metal reserves are plenty. I will have to drop off some mobile builders by the honeypot on the return trip, so that it can be properly equipped.

Lost one. Damnation. Ah well, this will hopefully be enough.

And another. The base is nearly destroyed, at least.

And then there was one. I will have to bring in a second wave just for the last few points, it seems. Annoying, but necessary.

I rather rushed to get replacements, which was perhaps a poor choice but given the low health of the base it should be fine.

... Stupid ship circling around and getting in the way of the tachyon array. This is your fault. Another set incoming.

There! Got the damned thing. Now, the conquest for Snipers may continue.

These turrets have served their purpose. I would prefer the energy now.

This planet poses no risk at this point...

Hmm, looking at the map, Sholla might make for a good diversion planet. Plant some turrets, let some waves crash against it, nab the science... it's a thought for the future.

It really seems a shame to let all this lovely metal go to waste, does it not?

The Wardens are beginning to flow through the gate on from Lorica to Culler. How many are on the other side, I'm not sure of at the moment...

Ah. Nothing too concerning. From Culler, it is but one more intermediate planet, until at last I will arrive at Orsha, where the grand prize awaits.

Just plinking away at the Wardens. They're weak, thankfully.
Website Support / Re: Cannot create new page in wiki
« Last post by Dominus Arbitrationis on February 14, 2019, 06:08:39 PM »
Whoops, that was partially an oversight. Originally, it was intended since you could sign up for the wiki and forums independently, which resulted in a lot of spam on the wiki side of things. As a result, new users couldn't make new pages, but established users (Ones who had been registered for a bit. Marking them as such was automatic) could.

I've added you to the proper group for it, as well as allowed new users to create pages. If that ends up increasing spam then I'll revert that change, but we should be good.
Off Topic / Re: What is the most successful game similar to Zelda on PC?
« Last post by Setrevem on February 14, 2019, 07:31:22 AM »
I played and I really enjoyed this experience.
Off Topic / Re: Anyone else having problems with PayPal?
« Last post by Setrevem on February 14, 2019, 07:30:39 AM »
once I had problems with PayPal. But it was because of the antivirus. I installed a bad antivirus. Then I tried another one and everything became normal. You can compare avast vs mcafee and choose the best antivirus for yourself. This decision helped me.
Website Support / Cannot create new page in wiki
« Last post by thth on February 13, 2019, 04:25:39 AM »
I'm currently playing Bionic Dues again and noticed that info for some bots is missing in the wiki.
I just registered for the forums and the wiki and now seem to be able to edit existing pages but are not able to add new ones for missing bot types for example.
Is this intentional or an oversight?
Bionic Dues / Re: This looks really cool.
« Last post by Setrevem on February 09, 2019, 10:36:23 AM »
it is impressive
AI War II / Re: Transport Ships: How should these function?
« Last post by tadrinth on February 08, 2019, 06:37:10 PM »
Deepstrike threat used to trigger based on your distance from the nearest non-AI-held planet.  That meant that you didn't suddenly trigger deepstrike if you lost your forward command center, but it also meant you could give yourself quite a bit of deepstrike capability if you took out AI command centers along the way.  That seemed like a pretty good system overall.  I don't remember where deepstrike threat spawned, it should probably be in the system that triggered it or an adjacent system. 

It would be less annoying if transports attritioned rapidly whenever they would trigger deepstrike threat, rather than per wormhole transition.

If having more marks of transport was desirable, the safe travel range could scale with mark, with the addition of cloaking in there somewhere.  Being able to invest in deep strike capability seems cool, but having a consistent safe travel range might be easier to plan around.
AI War II / Re: Ingame Wiki/Encyclopedia Idea
« Last post by Dominus Arbitrationis on February 08, 2019, 01:33:11 PM »
I _really_ like this idea. I think it would be best to allow the player to see the whole thing from the start, unlike PoE2 where it is generated as you encounter stuff.

In trying to get a mockup, the biggest problem I ran into was getting the text to wrap automatically. Since we would want to do this in code mostly so it updates on its own, we would need a way to wrap the text. I was thinking of using a TextAbstractBase, since we can define that text using the buffer and import stuff automatically, but I also don't know how to get it to populate with all the data short of saying "Populate from X, Y, and Z", which isn't ideal.
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