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It just stays the same
AI War II / Re: AAR Tetrapus
« Last post by zeusalmighty on Yesterday at 10:39:52 PM »
Not savvy with using pictures on this, but the files are the galaxy map views right after I killed the first HW and the dark spire released its giant horde

After watching the save related to this game, I see some dark spire ships heading towards an AI hw, but these may get diluted being split between the AI to the point of insignificance
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the explanation :)

I've worked through this by using only my Champ + Flagships + Golems instead of my fleet of small ships.

Glad to hear this improves with AI War 2, think I'll give it try rather sooner than later ;)

AI War II / Re: AAR Tetrapus
« Last post by BadgerBadger on Yesterday at 12:28:15 PM »
Dividing the hunter/warden fleets is going to be much harder in .900; each AI is going to get its own Hunter/Warden, so each branch of the octopus with an AI home command station is going to have independently working hunter/warden fleets.
AI War II / Re: AAR Tetrapus
« Last post by tadrinth on Yesterday at 12:16:16 PM »
Can you post a screenshot of your map?  How many planets? 

How do you feel about being able to split the map and divide up the Warden and Hunter fleets?  Is that currently too easy if you start in the middle?  I intended that map type for exo-heavy Fallen Spire games, so I'm interested to see how it plays out in other circumstances. 
While I would love this, this still requires a Steam account and some people would consider this DRM.  I don't think that GOG and similar would go for it, for instance.  It's frustrating, because while that would be a great tool, we can't use it because we'd just have to make a second implementation that uses non-Steam stuff, anyway.  Blah.
AI War Classic - Technical Support / Re: Game freezes even with new hardware
« Last post by x4000 on Yesterday at 11:39:04 AM »
Hi Chaos,

Sorry to hear about the troubles you're having there.  It sounds like a general limitation of computing power, more than anything else.  Nothing jumps out at me there as being overall immediately off, but the number of units in a battle has an exponential effect on computational requirements.  Splitting that out to no longer be the case and also to work across any number of threads in a multithreaded environment has taken us two years and a ground-up rewrite of the code in order to handle.

This doesn't mean that the original game is unplayable by any stretch of the imagination, but it is likely that you've chosen a more taxing scenario than you previously had, or that you simply accepted the lag spikes before without thinking about it, but now notice it.  It's hard to say for sure.  It could also just be an edge case where the computational requirements are super extra high for some reason (there are many of those sorts of things).  The code itself hasn't been touched since 2014, so I'm not expecting that a change on our end would have made a difference here.

Bear in mind that your current hardware might be something like 2x or 4x more powerful than your prior hardware, but when it comes to one of those situations where the game freezes, you could be seeing a spike in processing requirements that is, quite literally, 1000x or even more.  Processing power being the square (or worse) of the number of units in battle is a giant hurdle we had to overcome, and in general something that had been a focus on an ongoing basis since 2009.  By 2014 we had hit all the improvements we could without just starting over from scratch with an inherently nonlinear approach; when I first started coding this game in 2008, multicore processors weren't a thing yet, and multi-CPU machines were rare.  And multithreading code was a lot less efficient in general.  In the decade since then, the entire computing landscape has changed, hence us needing to start over fresh, given then new ecosystem for that, in 2016.

All of which is to say: I'd try a different setup of units, or lower unit counts, or in general try to have fewer units fighting one another on a single planet.  Or beyond that, the lag spikes are just simply expected because the game has to process hundreds of millions of calculations in a short period of time and it can't proceed until it's done.  The sequel fixes that issue as well, but holy cow it took us like half a year to figure out how to make that really work and that was with the freedom to start from scratch.  It's not something we can back-port.

I wish I had better news on this front, but I figured that at least an explanation of what is happening and why might be helpful.  It's just thinking REALLY hard during those moments, and the reason it's thinking so particularly hard is because it's having to have every unit consider every other unit in the system in question.  It's not a rendering issue or anything like that, but more about autotargeting and AI and tractor beams and all those fun things that "just work" but have to happen synchronously in this particular game (as with most multiplayer-safe games of its era).

AI War II / Re: AAR Tetrapus
« Last post by BadgerBadger on March 24, 2019, 10:46:24 PM »
The Dark Spire should be willing to go after the AI too. Do you have a save game or two where the DS is only ever going after you?
AI War Classic - Technical Support / Game freezes even with new hardware
« Last post by ChaosJunior on March 24, 2019, 06:51:35 PM »

I've played AI War long ago without any issues.
Recently I've updated my hardware and now I wanted to try AI War once again...

However quite often the game freezes, up to complete hang.

AMD Ryzen5 2600 6-Core (3.4 GHz)
16 GB DDR4-3200
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

After some playing I get freezes of several seconds when AI launches on a fortified system of mine:
~1200 turrets, superfortress, 2 default fortress, neinzul mod fortress, 2 mini fortress, no ships
--> AI attacks with 1k ships plus carriers with another 1-2k ships.
----> The game freezes even when I'm NOT viewing this system, be it on the map or in another (empty) system.

Now I'm completely stuck on another front... The next system to AI homeworld has a number of carriers with all in all 5k units, plus 500 units free.
--> When I'm attacking with my 3k ships the game freezes completely when not even half of them entered the system.
----> Again it doesn't matter if I'm watching the system or anything else.
--> I'm wondering especially that AI War uses max 12-13% of my CPU and max 800MB RAM, changing CPU priority doesn't change anything.

I've already tried using lowest&highest settings in STATS and Graphic settings.

Do you have any idea what I can do to make this playable?

AI War II / Re: AAR Tetrapus
« Last post by zeusalmighty on March 24, 2019, 06:51:28 PM »
Part 2 (.816): Revenge of the Dark Spire

During my break, .816 was released and this definitely impacted my game. My forces are as far away from my HW as they can be, still on the former Swarmer AI’s HW. I had a negative timer for a vengeance strike, some 8 minutes late from .815. The first thing that happens when I load this game is that the vengeance strike goes off and sends a MASSIVE exo strike towards my HW.

This killed me outright three times in a row, but I had a nice amount of science accumulated which I experimented with. Getting my ambush turrets to mark 5 was the way to go, as I was able to focus fire the Eidolons pretty quickly. I would do this in all my intervening planets and this would eventually soften the dark spire enough that I was able to kill them off, even while my fleet was still trying to come home.

My AIP is pretty high now, incurred 130ish from the HW alone (*this may need to be toned down with multiple AIs enabled—I had like 800 by the end of the game). A significant portion of my science is static defense: mark 3 area mines, mark 5 ambush turrets, mark 5 MLRS turrets, and mark 3 fortress.

(The MLRS turrets were pretty fantastic in my playthrough. These would hit all dark spire targets, which didn’t do much damage but prevented them from regaining shields as they moved planet to planet towards my HW. They were pretty effective at cleaning up units my ambush turrets couldn’t kill outright, particularly the massive numbers of fleetships)

My AIP is concerning me, so I next prioritize the super terminal. There is dark spire ward on the adjacent planet (and thankfully not one with the super terminal). I decide that the dark spire hasn’t been as impactful as it could be, so I decide to hack this for the ship you can steal. Between the ambush turrets and my OP Thanatos, these hacks also give me a huge zombie army of dark spire.

Once I feel satisfied, I move on to the super terminal. I clear everything out and set up my static defenses and use all the mercenaries I have available—with my high AIP I got an extra 90 strength of reinforcements, not to shabby. The fight is glorious (I put pictures on the discord but I’m not savvy enough to integrate these here.) It was actually quite a beauty to behold. Thantaos did great work zombifying units as they spawned in. Alas, eventually the flood became overwhelming and I had to bail. The 300+ strength moved on to kill the bases I had setup in this arm, eventually eyeing my whipping boy.

This fleet would certainly crush my defenses but good fortune! A vengeance strike goes off and the AI runs straight into it and they both take heavy losses. The dark spire eventually turns towards me but I had sufficient time to shore up my defenses and end up zombifying the units as they trickle in and now my whipping boy has 1.4K strength of zombie dark spire supporting it.

I’m realizing that the vengeance strikes seem to really only focus my hw, and not the AI. This is disappointing for my plan of sitting back and letting the dark spire win for me. So I pretty much just blitzkrieg the remaining AI HWs the old fashioned way, although I did get some support killing the last one with zombie dark spire, so that counts in a fashion.

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