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Yep; my early tests had indicated that it would be feasible, and so we were proceeding as if it were.  However, on more extended testing it turned out there was a nonlinear expense to those sorts of swarming fighters.  They absolutely wreck the performance pretty fast.  So, much as I loved them, we had to ditch them.  The "trail renderers" that give the curvy contrails, too.

But I did figure out a clever way to give contrail-like effects to shots that are moving, so that's a thing. :)
Chris could give a better response, but the short version is that the swarming turned out to be a much bigger performance bottleneck than anticipated, so it got the ax.
I went back to the KS website and noticed that the concept video had fighters and bombers do their swarming thing. This isn't present in 0.719 -  out of curiosity, what happened to the gimmick?

Wasn't expecting to get Homeworld 2 style dogfights and bombing runs for release, but just wondering.
AI War II / Re: Turret balancing experiments
« Last post by zharmad on Yesterday at 09:04:39 AM »
Hmm... on the issue of turrets getting obliterated by T1 hordes, wasn't this also the case in AIWC whenever there's a lack of forcefields? When you set up a choke, the entire enemy fleet is corralled at the wormhole by 3+ FFs, allowing the AoE defenses to do their work against thousands of units. Without this effect, most turret guns are wasting DPS overkilling piecemeal AI ships, while they spread out beyond Flak and Lightning range.

Look at it this way: A cap of turrets is 100 guns, unless MLRS/Flak/Lightning. Let's be generous and give you 500 shots in a single round. When 4000 tech-1 AI ships come pouring through, the turrets definitely kill 500 ships in one round (probably with unhealthy amounts of overkill). At the same time, the 4000 ships all fire one round each - if this eliminates >60 turrets or so, then it's a winning trade for the AI side.

If you tuned all turrets to fire 10 bullets each round, then we're talking.
AI War II - Kickstarter Reward Questions / Re: Lose your survey email?
« Last post by x4000 on April 18, 2018, 12:37:45 PM »
No problem!
Private Alpha Discussion / Re: Initial short feedback
« Last post by x4000 on April 18, 2018, 12:37:24 PM »
Thank you!  I just sent you an email regarding a major change that we have coming up.  Now that you've played a fair bit of this game, I figured that would be a good time for you to see that document early and give us some feedback if you are inclined.  We're going to be showing it to everyone soon, hopefully by the end of the week, but if anyone else wants an invite in the meantime, they are welcome to PM me.
Private Alpha Discussion / Initial short feedback
« Last post by zharmad on April 18, 2018, 12:30:55 PM »
 Played for a few hours getting a chunk into the game. Point thoughts:

 (1) Agreed that turrets aren't really ever sexy unlocks. It's hard for new players to tell exactly how much they need per AI Progress, and they always sit useless otherwise. I also don't think taking the detailed placement from AIWC is a really useful idea, since it's not that beneficial of a timesink.

 (2) One of the reasons I think players are complaining that the turrets are too weak is, I think, that the sequel seems to work differently on ship numbers. At about 90 AIP or so, the incoming wave is a flood of tech I, which overwhelms a light choke (25% cap of all 100 cap turrets plus 50 tractors). The mobile fleet then takes 10 minutes to get there.
 (3) Briefly looking at the brainstorm thread, the item I would desire the most would be "Individual fleetship constructors instead have caps, and the fleetships from them have a permanent link to them." It's easier for me to map this setup to the armies concept in Ashes of the Singularity, and essentially the game becomes more carrier-based (and somewhat closer to Wing Commander lore where all fleetships map to the WC fighters).
 (3B) However, this probably means players will need to find an additional flagship ASAP, since it doubles their offensive fleet-power. If players start with more and a smaller cap, this would smooth out some of the initial growth. I would personally put in 3 for strategic choice. Since document says only groups 2-8 are available, perhaps make some derelict flagships upgrades for the weak prototype?

 (4) Perhaps, fortresses would have its own set of mobile power-using assets. Power distribution nodes can be militarised to have its own static "turrets". Don't allow players to put turrets on the map so they don't waste their time micromanaging and getting frustrated from non-reward?
 (5) Read the hacking document. Might work, but would suggest to be more impactful on the battle to remind players they exist. E.g. add the following: 1. disable wormhole entry/exit. 2. shutdown turrets/mass drivers/ion cannons.

 Good luck.
Off Topic / Re: Forum users are now on the wiki!
« Last post by Delarosa on April 15, 2018, 03:05:29 PM »
I have just added nearly all the forum users to the wiki. This means that you can now use your forum login to sign in to the wiki! However, not everyone can do this; about 2500 people were not brought over. I'm currently working on moving them over to, but it doesn't want to cooperate there. For reference, there are about 16000 users moved over. Thus, your odds of being unlucky and having a profile that won't move over are quite low.

In order to log in you will use your forum username with the first letter capitalized, if it isn't already. Spaces and other character are there too. Your password for the wiki is whatever password you had set on your forum account as of 7:00 P.M. EST of today (Saturday, March 07, 2015).

If you cannot log-in using those credentials or have any questions, please PM/email me or post here.

Great job dude, Just carry on. Thanks.
AI War II - Kickstarter Reward Questions / Re: Lose your survey email?
« Last post by Delarosa on April 15, 2018, 04:26:15 AM »
All you have to do is go here!

Thanks for help us. :)
AI War II / Re: So About that Interface...
« Last post by eRe4s3r on April 13, 2018, 12:32:13 AM »
eRe4s3r, thanks for that report. It turns out that downloading a fresh copy of the game will default to 100x600 video. I opened for this. Chris, this is a 100% release blocking bug.

Ha you are very welcome. What an incredibly neat little issue ;)
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