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AI War II - Interface / Re: Research into RTS UI
« Last post by Someone64 on Today at 08:51:27 AM »
Zero-K's UI (free and open source rts game based on the Spring RTS game engine) gets pretty much everything right. Most players who come from playing it who play other RTS games refer to themselves as being 'spoiled' from how good it is. The UI layout itself looks pretty standard but all the magic is in how easy it is to do tasks without enormous amounts of clicks. It's so easy that it's possible to play the game effectively only clicking about 12 times every minute. Buildings can be built in lines or grids with custom spacing by holding modifier keys and dragging out your mouse, every command can be queued using shift and inserted into an existing queue using other modifiers, units can be put into formations simply by right click dragging a line formation out, paths for individual units can be made by dragging a line, holding modifiers can allow you to do this for groups too, and the repeat button allows for a lot of automation, both for factories and allowing units to do things like go on a specific patrol path or rebuild destroyed buildings.

It also has a few extra interesting systems like selection priority where you can press a little numbers in the command panel to set the priority of a unit to be selected, holding ctrl while using a guard command (and other combos of modifier keys) allows you to make units guard another unit in a circle formation, circle around them instead of standing still, or stand relative to the units' facing. Similar to PA, if you zoom out enough units will turn into icons instead (unlike AIWII's current system which is to always have the icons above units, creating painful clutter). In general the game is great in both handling UI for managing huge amounts of units and small squads.

You can see a few basics of the UI of ZK here and here. The layout of ZK's ui is changing a bit often as it makes is sprint towards its official Steam release and some screenshots on the wiki are a bit old (game's always been available for free and the Steam release is for publicity so you can still check out the game's UI yourself regardless).

Last cool thing about it is that since it runs in the Spring engine, the UI is completely customizable. Panels can be moved around and resized as you please and the UI can be extended (and even automated) through lua scripts that the game calls "widgets" which run entirely client-side (this can mean advantages over others, I suppose. Doesn't allow cheaty things of course and the unit AI is made in such a way that micro isn't required).
.708 works fine on my OSX machine. What errors are you seeing?
Still unable to launch on my OSX =/
AI War II / Re: AI War 2 v0.707 Released! "Activating Mk2 Grinding Machine"
« Last post by keith.lamothe on February 18, 2018, 02:45:47 PM »
And don't forget you can get your first Spire ship now!
Oh, right, silly of me not to mention that :)
AI War II / Re: AI War 2 v0.707 Released! "Activating Mk2 Grinding Machine"
« Last post by BadgerBadger on February 18, 2018, 11:19:10 AM »
And don't forget you can get your first Spire ship now!
AI War II / AI War 2 v0.707 Released! "Activating Mk2 Grinding Machine"
« Last post by keith.lamothe on February 17, 2018, 09:09:37 PM »
Release notes here!

Before I talk more about the release, I should note that the GUI focus groups ( here ) are being an enormous help. Thanks so much to everyone helping there! We're nearing a final design for various pre-game screens (main menu, lobby, etc) and look forward to getting those implements while the discussion expands to include the in-game screens when it's time for that.

Ok, back to the release itself:

This one is actually part 2 of a release; part one was last weekend.

These notes get a bit difficult to write because there's a lot of "we worked on everything!" going on lately. If you want to know what changed, the wiki notes linked above are your best bet.

Nonetheless, here are some highlights:

1) Tons more units have been wired up with their proper models and formations (continuing thanks to Pepisolo and Goldenwolf for that)

2) The settings menu has been reorganized with the many different settings divvied up amongst tabs. Thanks, Badger!

3) The bottom-left menu has been heavily redone. Doesn't look any prettier, but I hope it's easier to use and less confusing. Among other things, it now responds to the F1-F9 keys instead of the 1-9 keys, so it doesn't have conditional conflicts with the control group numbers. This also allows it to return to always-shown status (and only one base menu, instead of two context-specific ones, which caused a lot of confusion).

4) Lots of balance changes. Notably, the Warden Fleet is now much less in your face and much less powerful. It was doing its job of countering player attacks, but it was doing it too well.

5) Many performance improvements, most notably the organization of individual squad ships into subsquads that save on lots of unity transform updates.

6) The title screen is now much improved based on forum feedback.

And a lot of other stuff.

AI War II - Interface / Re: GUI Focus Group: "Start New Game" P2: Lobby Interface
« Last post by Elda King on February 17, 2018, 09:11:09 AM »
Either could work. Leaving space at the borders and centralizing the menu could also work if you fill the borders with a background or something.

What kind of change would need to be tracked in singleplayer? I can only think of randomizing the map/new seeds, and that would be better solved with a button to show history or to go to previous/next.
AI War II - Interface / Re: GUI Focus Group: Main Menu
« Last post by powpow on February 16, 2018, 07:55:44 PM »
I'm definitely in the "Click" camp, not "Hover", to expand menus. It feels more emphatic and natural to me.

I'm leaning more towards profile rv 5 purely because the "Select Profile" text is more central and attention-grabbing. I wouldn't be unhappy with rv 6 though.

Off topic: Sleeping Dogs does have a logo but it disappears when you start clicking on the menu. Don't know why it was designed that way.
AI War II - Interface / Re: GUI Focus Group: "Start New Game" P2: Lobby Interface
« Last post by etheric42 on February 16, 2018, 05:16:27 PM »
You make a really good point.  I'm going to brainstorm a bit for revision 8.  I think that text box is still going to be useful for tracking changes in some fashion (think CRPGs where you have that log "Bert attacked Goblin for 4 damage.  Goblin is SLAIN!")  Maybe I can shrink it and fill the new space with some more art, or just increase the amount of negative space between sections?
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