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Yeah, this was some sort of misunderstanding on my end.
Also I never wanted to say that Eteneral isn't fair or generous or that you cannot reach high ranks for free (something I'm not even interested in).
All I wanted to make clear was that Etenerals recycling value is sless than most other games in the genre.
Private Alpha Discussion / Re: Dyson Sphere tweaks
« Last post by BadgerBadger on Yesterday at 11:10:39 PM »
I first wanted to get the Dyson Sphere to approximate the AIWC behaviour before I tried to really balance it.

Here's what I have for behaviour.

Dyson Sphere ships will stay on a planet set to "Attacker" until the Hostile Mobile strength on the planet is below Threshold. If a Dyson Sphere ship is on a planet where it's not in combat then it will Patrol for a certain amount of time (currently about a minute). Once it's done patrolling then the ship will pick a new planet to go to according to the following rules.

If there are any Friendly planets (ie a planet owned by a Friendly faction) under attack adjacent to this planet then always go to one of the planets being attacked. If there are no Friendly planets under attack, go to a random friendly planet X% of the time (currently X is 80).

If that doesn't happen (ie if there are no Friendly planets or there are friendly planets but we don't want to go to one of those), check if there are any adjacent planets whose enemy strength is below Threshold. If so, go to one of those Y% of the time (currently Y is 80).
If none of the above conditions are hit then pick a planet at random.

I feel like this will give a rough approximation of Dyson Sphere behaviour from AIWC. Still todo: implement Dyson Antagonizer behaviour. The above is implemented and does not crash, though I won't post it till I've also taken a stab at balance.

A few additional questions. For being able to tune faction intensity, should I look to add an Intensity factor in External Code attached to a Faction? Or would it make more sense to have that be part of the Faction class itself? This is a code architecture question so I leave it to you, either way is fine by me.

I have trouble with getting the patrol behaviour I want. I don't see a good mechanism for telling a ship to "wander around a planet". I tried the following with both Guardians and Fleetships but it doesn't seem to work.
Code: [Select]
                        entity.EntitySpecificOrders.Behavior = EntityBehaviorType.Guard_Guardian_Patrolling;                                                                                 

Finally, would you prefer factions to use the buildingDronesInternally functionality or to spawn units directly in the C# code? Either one will work (though using buildingDronesInternally may require multiple XML entries for Dyson Spheres at different Intensity levels). Or some combination could be done.
Vampire, I wasn't trying to insult you or belittle your opinion. I just think you have some things factually wrong about Eternal's model.

I just reached Masters for the second time and I haven't spent any money on the game.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Obviously I'm not the best player in the world but I achieved the highest rank possible for free, and I only started about a month ago.

In any case, I didn't mean for it to be an argument, I enjoyed the conversation.
Starward Rogue Alpha Discussion / Re: Augmented Alpha feedback
« Last post by Pepisolo on Yesterday at 09:20:31 PM »
On a side note, anyone want to try their hand at making a sniper-type enemy?  Would like to get another one in there but I blanked out for ideas.  I've found it to be kinda a hard category to design for.

I've just done another sniper enemy, for the most part. Just needs a bit more testing and variants. If you blank out on any other enemy categories, just tell me and I'll see what I can do. Generally, I'm not looking at creating any more enemies, though. Oh, on that note, we'll forget about spawnee enemies. We need to half overhaul the whole spawner/spawnee gameplay at some stage, I think. We should just not be creating spawner rooms for the expansion, I think. We can take a look at the whole spawner situation at a later date.
Eh, the bit about people just doing 5 or so card games isn't unexpected, really.  I find that's the case in ANY multiplayer game genre.

Fighting games, for instance.  There's tons of them!  And tons of them are great fun.  But there's very, very few that you can ACTUALLY expect to find opponents for in a reliable way.  And yeah, it's always been very frustrating.  Or the whole MOBA genre, where only a few of them even survived at all.   And I don't even want to talk about the RTS genre.

Card games at least are a bit easier to get into, so they may be more viable, but yeah, pretty much what I'd expect.
While were at this, why not be honest and say it's in any genre. Because it is. There are always aroudn 10 that are sticking out quite nice which drowns other games in the same genre. This is the biggest reason why SR didn't do as well as it could, because people simply got their heads into other games at that time and didn't even know it existed. That's why marketing is so essential in this business (as in any business). If people don't know you exist, why would they buy your stuff?
Doesn't help with all the content creators out there, who promote this even further and bloat a single thing to no end until the last person on earth knows about it. See Five Nights of Freddies. See Undertale. See Isaac. Of course these games sell well because they are also good games by themself but the main interest comes from popular people who play this and promote it on review sites, youtube or sinply twitter.
And this leads to a withdrawal of attention in other games, there is only so much viewing time we have each day.

But yeah, Multiplayer has a bigger impact because these games rely on a good amount of playerbase, otherwise they are empty, like your example, it's hard to find other players in fighting games. This is true to any multiplayer game that is not popular right now. Hyper Universe is an excellent game but it does not get enough atention, you wait 5-15 minutes to find a single match. And when you find it, one of the players does not notice this or forgot about the game or something else, so he does not connect and you are forced to search again 15 minutes. This lack of players in games lead that the players, that did play it, leave as well. Why would you waste 30 minutes each time if you could play something else that matches you in 2 minutes instead? I did this. because it was too tiresome to find matches. And this leads again to less palyers, more waiting time, more people will leave.... you see where this gets.

Card games have another problem, even if they are simple to get into (rules are easy to learn), the problem is the amount of collection. this is why Hearthstone is unplayable right now. You start with literal nothing and the game expects you to get a good set of cards in a very short time because it will match you with people that have better ccards than you very quickly. It does also not help that people, that start a new game, simply do not know, if the card is good or not. Yu-gi-oh is in itself an excellent card game but there are by now so many cards, players don't know where to start at, what boosters they should get, what cards are good and what not.
Same goes for any oher card game that is going aroudn for at least a year or two. Give Eteneral another year and it will end the same way. It has already two payable campaigns with extra cards and as new player you won't know which you should save your gold one first. Also, campaigns are an aweful idea in itself already, Hearthstone did well in corrupting this again.
I like campaigns for the extra bit of playing against AI decks, sometimes wit special rules. But I don't want to tie unlockable cards to this and I surely don't want to pay extra because of this reason. Put the new cards simply into a set and that's good enough, no reason to charge for an overpriced campaign.
Eh, the bit about people just doing 5 or so card games isn't unexpected, really.  I find that's the case in ANY multiplayer game genre.

Fighting games, for instance.  There's tons of them!  And tons of them are great fun.  But there's very, very few that you can ACTUALLY expect to find opponents for in a reliable way.  And yeah, it's always been very frustrating.  Or the whole MOBA genre, where only a few of them even survived at all.   And I don't even want to talk about the RTS genre.

Card games at least are a bit easier to get into, so they may be more viable, but yeah, pretty much what I'd expect.
That sounds like a fun mechanic from how you described it! 
Ugh, just stop, please.  This one is clearly going nowhere.

I swear, discussion of F2P *anything* always leads to arguments on any forum it appears on.

Back in my day, we bought ALL the cards.  Nothing was free!   Bah.
I agree, this isn't going anywhere.

I also find it sad that people always beat on the same 5-10 card games liek there is nothing else out there. Like, Hearthstone, Duelyst, Gwent (now), Eteneral and TESL dominate the whole genre. There are many more interesting card games out there but people always mention just these.

While we're at generous card ganes, I started today Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links (Yu-gi-oh is another one of this card games, that gets most of the attention but more on a physical base than digital). Duel Limks is pretty much "half" Yu-gi-oh. Why? Because everthing has been halfed.
Monstercard zone and spell/trap card zone have 3 fields each instead of 5. Players start with 4000 lifepoints and not with 8000. Deck consists of 20 cards, not 40. Yep, they halved everything. For casual gamers? I don't know. The card game is, suprisingly for Yugioh, very fast paced, duels last only a few rounds.

The game is also centered more on Player vs environment. The game features a campaign were the player enters a virtual world to compete in some sort of environment, you can select between two characters, Yugi and Kaiba (yeah, the ones from the series) which start out with different decks. During your playtime you unlock other characters who have also their own deck isnpired by the series. You get all the cards from the deck and you can use the cards to your liking (free deck building).
Characters can be leveled for various rewards (cards, currency and deck slots), at certain levels they unlock abilities and you can use one ability to start your matches with.

Players can farm the PvE fights in the game world for quick gems (currency) and other rewards or they can compete int he PvP arena (which is simply monthly ranked matchmaking).
The game is very generous towards rewards, you get points for your performance on matches and for each 1000 points you get a new reward which can be anything from some currency to new cards or simply crafting materials that you can use for cards. "Keys" are a major aspect of the game to unlock and play with "legendary" duelists from the series which give you bigger rewards and are necessary to unlock new characters. The game has even an auto-duel function for PvE matches to farm rewards quickly.
Now, about being generous, the game gave me 2300 gems just for starting th egame for the first time (these are however given for specific milestones and events int he game, so not everyone might get the same, depending when they start). One pack costs 50 gems. 50, not 100 like in most games. Which means the game gave me 46 boosters away for free.

Another big part of the game is, that boosters cannot give you more cards that you can use. You have the same card three times? You won't get it again from this pack unless you recycle it so you get crafting materials for another card. the game even counts how any boosters you have to buy until you get teh whole collection from the set. This ranks between 200 boosters (for big sets) and 80 (mini sets). Now, the thing is, the game has many sets which is because the game exists for years as physical game and they simply have to apply these cards to the digigtal version. There are already multiple thousand cards out there. And they still haven't migrated all cards from the game.This means A LOT to colelct (if you want to have everything) but basically you can simply get the boosters you might see your playstyle fit. Sets are centered about different themes (fusion, water monsters, ps-monsters, spell combinations), so you can start your collection to your liking.
There are currently 13 sets in the game, which will overwhelm newer players. You can always check the full list of cards for each set and each set shows also some useful strategies and card combinations on the information cover.

Additionaly you can buy themedecks for 500 gems which are obviously stronger than the starting decks for each character.

Biggest flaws? too many sets to overwhelm new players (and the nmber will rise), even if you get gems quickly. New players won't know which sets to buy first and might sink their ge,s into one set that they don't even need. Especially the first sets have now very much outdated cards (because konami never updated their cards) which are just terrible compared to newer cards.
Crafting is weird, the game does not use a pseudo currency like in other games, I think this is even worse than Eteneral, isntead they use different crafting materials made out of properties for cards, like earth or rarity of the card, additonally you also have to pay gold, which is a second, unneeded currency that exists for some reason. Some (cheap) cards can simply be bought for gold and do not need crafting materials.Alsom, the number of PvE players is limited, once you defeat them, they disappear and you have to wait for them to reappear. However, PvE is still made better and more rewarding than any other card game I know.
Private Alpha Discussion / Re: Dyson Sphere tweaks
« Last post by BadgerBadger on Yesterday at 12:24:08 PM »
Also, the Dyson Sphere really needs to have its collision radius tweaked, and ideally to be placed on the edge of the planet gravity well. I suspect this may require tweaking Mapgen_SeedSpecialEntities which is not in external code.

The ships the Dyson Sphere spawn appear inside the Dyson Sphere and can fly around in there. I zoomed in so that the camera wound up inside the Dyson Sphere (which is weird) and I can see the spawns. I don't know of a mechanism to change this in external code. I tried playing with a number of the XML fields to no avail.

Here is a picture (note that the Dyson Sphere is spawning fleetships instead of guardians, I was messing with the balance settings).
Well the mana cost seems about right.
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