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Nah when I talked about uploading I thought the table is generated dynamically from the actual game data or debug output file of some sort (since the data is something keith or x4000 have) .. I checked the template and yeah, that's not something I am gonna mess around with ever.... since there is no way to sync any of these values easily with the up-to-date data if each unit has own template that needs manual editing.

This problem literally screams for a script.. but it doesn't seem like any of the debug options we have actually gives a proper unit-by-unit statistics output that you could script up and sort somehow...
Okay, I'm going to try to respond on my phone real quick.

To edit the tables you see on the wiki, but can't edit normally, you need to navigate to the table's page directly. For the example you gave, that table's page would be Template:AIWarTableTackleDrone (You can get the name by finding the text in two curly braces {{AIWarTableTackleDrone}}). On that page, you can edit everything.

Note that templates are very complicated for some stuff, so reading Wikipedia's guides on templates may be helpful.

You should be able to upload images and all that without a problem. I can look into why that isnt working soon.
AI War Classic / Re: Wiki is outdated a bit and i want pointers how to fix it
« Last post by eRe4s3r on July 22, 2017, 07:45:15 PM »
Yeah the wiki is actually super strange

Just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out where those tables sit, and I drew blank... doesn't seem like they are actually part of the wiki and it isn't explained anywhere how to update those values or their source....... if the source is the debug output of all unit stats from the game menu then how would we ever update it? Uploading files and overwriting files isn't something wiki users can do. Admin only....

And as for the rest of your post. Indeed. Tons of the more complex functions are kinda opaque ;/
AI War Classic / Wiki is outdated a bit and i want pointers how to fix it
« Last post by Singrana on July 22, 2017, 10:53:37 AM »
This is going to be a messy and free flowing post with spelling errors and lack of formatting.

i just made an account on this forum to type this (but i have been trawling thru it for a while using google and to find information that is not on the wiki, and recently to read some AARs) and firstly there is the obligatory praise for probably my favorite non scripted, non PVP game so far in my life, its impossible for me to really explain to my friends the love i have for this game for the same reason it is hard to talk about how sad the plight of north Korean life is: one simply ends up using the same adjectives over and over and the audience gets de-sensitized.

(i stream my attempts vs this beast on twitch under the AI war section if anyone is interested)

with that out of the way i will just dive straight into the reason i made this post, namely the wiki:

this serves as an example of 2 of my complaints with it, firstly the numbers here are WRONG, in the sense that a lot of them are roughly 200 times their in game value (i got this game before vengance of the machine so after the numbers all got rescaled down 200 times) now this is not a HUGE problem, but it does reduce the ability to just have multiple tabs open and do side by side comparisons of ships ( with the ones that are up to date), i would like this updated (i could do this work myself if i just knew how to edit the tables on that site (i have 0 web page or wiki experience, but in a fast learner in most things)).

secondly, and far more personal taste: i feel like the tabs of the tables could use some expansion, for example cap dps vs each hull type it has multipliers against (for easier side by side comparison vs other ships without multipliers and such) (and for ships that spawn drones like the tackle drone launcher the max possible DPS from the drones per mark level as well (also the carrier starships proboably))

thirdly (and i cannot really help here as i have no way to open / understand the games files in any kind of comprehensive way, if i could i would presumably know how to program by now) there are many outdated / bare-bones explanations of many mechanics ( say ai reinforcement cycles ) on the wiki that is basically WHY i had to use google with site:arcengames as the "real" wiki here hoping to find a credible sounding forum member or keith/chris explaining my particular question, it would probably be nice if the keepers of any such knowledge could make / update a wiki entry on any mechanics that are not covered in detail, its ok to have a brief "essentials only" introduction to say reinforcements, but its also nice to know the nitty gritty details of for example if blowing up the guardposts of a planet receiving reinforcement events does actually impact the total number of ai strength it gets per unit time (apparently it does).

Another good example is detailed explanations of say special forces behavior, hybrid behavior, HARD NUMBERS for difficulty, handicap, minor faction / plot scalars (for example what if i want the brains of difficulty 8 but overall the unit production of 6? what handicap should i use then? can i even meaningfully accomplish this with handicaps? does handicaps affect minor factions? hybrids?
full list of any plot threshold for say hybrids, trains and so on

^^ and i KNOW that the answer to the above is "experiment and get what feels right" but I'm talking about making more data available to players of the games inner workings here, even with this knowledge life is ultimately a matter of personal perception  ;)

this last third category i ultimately cannot really help with, since all my knowledge of this game is essentially second hand and not based any any kind of peeking at the inner workings of the game, so this one is more of a spotlighting for those who do really KNOW

so to recap the first 2 parts, basically I'm willing to do the grunt work of updating the out of date shipstats on the wiki if somone can explain to me how to change those tables to reflect updated ingame values, and assuming others want it; expanding some of those tables with ship cap dps * multipliers it has and listing the sustained drone dps of drone spawners as well (any multi target ships should also have their theoretical maximum per cap per marklevel listed as well)
Off Topic / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by Misery on July 21, 2017, 06:10:35 PM »
Yeah, I know he cant read anything I say here.  My post above was actually mostly directed at everyone else.  Mainly saying, "please don't even start talking about that stuff, even if someone is trying to start it".  Just because I know full well it never ends well.

So, yeah.... please, everyone, just let it drop. The whole topic on voting or whatever.  Let's not go into any other political topics, and no negative comments made towards Cyborg either, please. 

Just trying to keep things civil.  The whole incident last time was just.... silly, is what it was.  There's no reason to have it repeat at all.  I'm sure there's plenty to discuss just on the neutrality topic itself anyway.
Off Topic / Re: Early Access, gift or plague?
« Last post by Draco18s on July 21, 2017, 03:45:31 PM »
Problem is, the things are even as player a pain in the neck.

Off Topic / Re: Early Access, gift or plague?
« Last post by TheVampire100 on July 21, 2017, 11:02:16 AM »
Ah, I think you mean the Bobble Head, right? Yeah, I kinda forgot this one and yeah, it's the most annoying one.
I think lightning tower can hit it but there aren't many towers that can, mostly because towers don't target the weak point. Some enemies are thought anyway to be fought by the player, they are designed to get past your defenses to keep the player at alert and don't afk the whole time. Problem is, the things are even as player a pain in the neck.

I just checked before sending this post, Drone towers ignore armor, even perfect armor (that makes you invulnerable), so they can kill them.
A level 1 drone tower does 200 dps and a bobble head has 3000 hp, they move kinda slow and a drone tower can kill them in 15 seconds, faster, if they are supported by more drone towers, support towers or are upgraded.
An interestign fact is, that one drone does exact the damage (3000) a bobble head has as HP before it expires, prett obvious what they were meant to counter.
Off Topic / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by TheVampire100 on July 21, 2017, 10:49:39 AM »
That's exactly what he does, he is kinda bipolar on this front. On one side he wants his "fellow Americans" to wake up and participate on voting to keep something like Trump out (because that would've worked, right? Yeah, no, not really...).
On the other side he does not want to see other opinions that aren't his own, so pretty much he himself closes his eyes for that kidn of thing.

Because of this reason alone I cannot take anything he ever says seriously.

Besides that, voting on that topic is like... useless. If not this politician woudl do it, another woudl do it. The whole lovably political/voting system is so old fasioned and out to daze that I wonder why no one stands up and says what has to be said. This system isn't functional with the new era anymore. And how can people int he slightest believe it would?
Most stuff was designed back when new technology, new social ideas and other new stuff wasn't even developed. Humanity has "evolved" farther, political systems not.
No, don't ask me how we shoudl change it because I have no goddamn clue but THSI is not how it should be, that's clear. There is a reason why more and more people loose interest in it and it's not beause Facebook is more interesting. It's simpl because the political system does not work in their interest anymore.
Off Topic / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by WolfWhiteFire on July 21, 2017, 10:08:07 AM »
Actually Misery, I don't think he can even see a single post you have made, I am pretty sure that during that Trump discussion that started up a while back and that you eventually locked he said that he blocked you, and then there was a discussion a bit later where it was mentioned and he said it should be unlocked even though it devolved into a flamefest like I predicted closer to the beginning. So the reason he is ignoring what you are saying is because he isn't seeing what you are saying.
AI War Classic / Re: New player questions
« Last post by Worblehat on July 21, 2017, 02:31:15 AM »
One more question (so far): what is the value of Lightning Starships? I'm finding them underwhelming. They seem to lightly sandpaper AI fleet ships in large numbers - except missile frigates because they're immune to area damage. This seems mildly useful in big fleetball vs. fleetball engagements and not particularly helpful in set piece wave defenses (not that the turrets need the help lately) or supporting the champion or small detachments on clear-out-the-threat-fleet excursions. The knowledge cost to get mk2 and mk3 versions is substantially higher than other starships so I expected they'd be more useful. Is there something I'm missing here?

Looks like I'm well into the middlegame at this point - map is basically fully explored (I know exactly which systems are the homeworlds, but haven't sent a scout in to either, or to one of the core worlds). Two nebulae are off of core worlds, so I guess I won't be doing those! And the fourth coprocessor is also on a core world - hopefully a fast hit and run to take it out won't have the core and home worlds Alerted long enough to cause too much of a problem.
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