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AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by StarKeep on Yesterday at 07:44:09 PM »
Civilian Industries - V 0.4.1 - Polite Raiding
Save Compatible with 0.4.0 Download In Main Updated

Fixed a bug where every ship used to raid with was semi-permanently removed from the AI as a choice.

Fixed a bug for militia ships where they may fail to find an optimal place to path to for an Outpost location.

Removed a bit of debugging code left in from the fleet-removing overhaul. (I missed one related to trading, whoops.)
AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by StarKeep on Yesterday at 07:12:16 PM »
The command thing is fairly normal. Thats not a per second value, but rather the total number of commands since the save has been loaded (or the game has started, one or the other.) Consider thats the command count for an hour of gametime. Its very high, for sure, but this mod also needs to constantly redirect trade units. Unlike military, they can't simply be left alone upon arriving at a planet with AttackerFull.

The real issue is probably coming from be incorrectly drawing units from a grabbag (what the ai uses to divide its units up). I had, uh. Used the function that failed to replace the items in it.

Fixing it up, won't break your save, but will take a bit to confirm its working before releasing it, as it will cause the raid waves to be... beefier.
AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by ArnaudB on Yesterday at 03:59:40 PM »
Hum, likely still performance issues with the last mod. Too many "MoveManyToOnePoint" apparently, that ends up causing massive slowdown. It throw errors in some cases. Oddly enough the simulation still show 500% and above but ships move much more slowly.
AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by StarKeep on Yesterday at 11:46:42 AM »
Civilian Industries - V 0.4.0 - The New Trade Order
Saves Broken - Main Post Download Updated

Goodbye saves, hello trades.
This patch fixes a multitude of issues with using the npc fleets feature and stacking.
I built a simple method of keeping track of all units, and restructured my threat code to work around it.
Initial results shows full functionality, but do let me know if you see any oddities.

As payment for breaking saves (again), enjoy a vastly revamped trade system.
These changes may potentially slow the game down more by late game, but tests up to 10 planets still showed optimal performance.
They are especially good at no longer glomping every single station that has even a slight suction of resources, causing a vortex of new requests.

Alongside this, the UI for... pretty much everything has been updated to be more readable.
Resources are now color coded, percentages are displayed for everything, and militia will now specify if they're building or simply stockpiling resources.

Militia Buildings now use the same cargo system as the rest of the mod.
-They used to use a minimal system baked into their militia data. More than likely for performance in the past, but swapping them over now is a net positive.

Militia Buildings will no longer request resources that they're full on.
-Minimal logic for this was previously in place, but failed to account for... many circumstances.

Militia Building request urgency lowers the more ships that are already enroute.
-This means that cargo ships will prefer trades with militia stations that don't already have another ship enroute.

Trade Stations will now have an ACTUAL export request cap. It will be equal to around 200% their resource generation.
-My previous method for detecting incoming ships was flawwed, and failed to take account for ships already docked. Whoops.

Cargo Ships will no longer glomp trade stations the moment they have any resources, and will rather trickle in as they detect it has enough goods to share.
-Glomps are fun and all, but not that good for the economy.

Cargo Ships are now much more likely to take more than one resource from trade stations.
-Expect to never actually see many resources, besides the produced one, in trade stations however, on account of any resource being depositied by one cargo ship immediately being picked up by another.
More starting options

Straightforward XML mod that adds more options when starting a game.

*More Starting Fleets:
Four standard fleets to play with: Elite, Kamikaze, Epidemic and Interdiction. Also contains a start with a Spire Lone Frigate for testing and fun (no ship included) and a Lone Botnet, clearly labelled as "Cheat Fleet" for hilarious, unwise and ridiculous games. Six starting fleets in total.
Spoiler for "Design and Notes":
<!-- A combination of starting options for fleets. These do not override existing fleets but are additions.
The design philosophy for most is meant to reflect vanilla fleets:
*Starting fleets have a theme or playstyle for the player to try out.
*they have no more and no less than four ship-lines.
*All shiplines start with max cap, with one exception.
*Ships should avoid sharing tech-type.
-If this isn't the case, due to lack of alternative or for thematic reasons, the second shipline will have its cap at the minimum value.
-Frigates can NEVER share a tech-type.
*Starting fleets have a clear weakness

Note: Lone Fleet starts are meant more for fun and testing purposes than regular play. Were the option to exist the clearly named "Cheat Fleet" (Botnet start) would disable achievements when chosen. If you don't want the option, just delete it in the XML or comment it out.
Notes: This mod was first and foremost made for my own enjoyment. I will accept constructive criticism and suggestion that would make the fleets more interesting to play or less boring-cheesy. I will not take demeaning comments.
Made for v.1313 (beta branch) - by ArnaudB
Spoiler for "content":
<fleet_design name="EliteStartingFleet"
        display_name="Elite Fleet"
        description="An uniquely expensive and powerful strike force filled with few but powerful ships. Fast to respond. Hard to kill. Slow to kill high-values targets."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerFleet" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="TransportFlagship_Agile" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
   <ship_membership name="Devestator" ship_cap_group="Frigate" weight="100" min="2" max="2"/>
   <ship_membership name="Ramifier" ship_cap_group="Frigate" weight="100" min="2" max="2"/>
   <ship_membership name="Suppressor" ship_cap_group="Frigate" weight="100" min="4" max="4"/>
   <ship_membership name="IonDisruptor" ship_cap_group="Frigate" weight="100" min="2" max="2"/>
  <fleet_design name="StalkingStartingFleet"
        display_name="Kamikaze Fleet"
        description="A fragile and suicidal group with an overwhelming opening salvo. It can easily kill high-values targets and die just as easily."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerFleet" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="TransportFlagship_Cloaked" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
    <ship_membership name="AutoBomb" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="25" max="25"/>
   <ship_membership name="Porcupine" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>
    <ship_membership name="Ram" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="15" max="15"/>
   <ship_membership name="SiegeFrigate" ship_cap_group="Frigate" weight="100" min="2" max="2"/>

  <fleet_design name="HydraStartingFleet"
        display_name="Epidemic Fleet"
        description="Seek the biggest battles and grow stronger from the jaws of defeat. Not nearly as good when all is well."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerFleet" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="TransportFlagship_Starter" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
    <ship_membership name="VanguardHydra" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="20" max="20"/>
   <ship_membership name="StingrayHydra" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="60" max="60"/>
   <ship_membership name="ParasiteHydra" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="15" max="15"/>
    <ship_membership name="WarbirdFrigateHydra" ship_cap_group="Frigate" weight="100" min="2" max="2"/>

<fleet_design name="InterdictionStartingFleet"
        display_name="Interdiction Fleet"
        description="A force meant to keep enemy ships in place and give them a pounding that they won't remember. Preferably due to death rather than a failure to hurt them."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerFleet" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="TransportFlagship_Starter" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
    <ship_membership name="Zapper" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="25" max="25"/>
   <ship_membership name="Nanoswarm" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="25" max="25"/>
   <ship_membership name="Spider" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>
   <ship_membership name="Raider" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>

  <fleet_design name="SpireStartingFleet"
        display_name="Artefact Fleet"
        description="An allegedly powerful frigate from an alien specie who chose to help the humans after they lost their fleet recuing them."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerFleet" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="SpireLostFrigateRailcannon" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>

  <fleet_design name="BotnetStartingFleet"
        display_name="Cheat Fleet"
        description="A Botnet with all the parasitic power and zero ability to kill guard posts. Purely for (stupidity) fun.
      This is considered a cheat. If the option existed it would disable achievement when chosen."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerFleet" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="BotnetGolem" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>

*Adjusted Starting Battlestations:
Mod most (except Webbed) starting Battlestations to have greater synergy, less contradiction and in line with Starting Fleets design. I originally toyed with adding new ones, but the default ones had some serious issues that made them underwhelming or awkward.
Spoiler for "Design and Notes":
<!-- thoughts: The battlestations design choices are far less clear than for fleets. Numbers of each turrets and other defense isn't clear as the numbers for ship_cap_group refer to the old versions of turrets (that were more numerous but weaker). -->
<!-- Modding Default Design reasoning: Standard designs have been adjusted here for better synergies. Many default designs have odd choices where one or two defences doesn't mix with others choices . Turrets count also had some oddities as default designs don't follow the fleet logic of "Starting choice has Max cap" for this unit. -->
<!-- Designs Rules, are as follow: each starting battlestation has a thematic, each encourages the player to try a specific tactic, they need to be usable both defensively and offensively rather than outrageously good at either, they should avoid having multiple turrets of the same tech-type, they shouldn't have turrets that plain conflict with their purpose even as filler. Each design has three turrets -->

<!-- Turret Cap is: "ship_cap_group" DIVIDED BY 5 in the game. This is a property of the turret units stats : multiplier_to_all_fleet_caps="0.2" It compensates the 5 times cost, health and attack boost of the turrets. This was done in vanilla a while ago to reduce the number of turrets to build, for ease of use and performance.
For modding and balance purpose, the ship cap used are taken from KDL_Ships_Turrets:
<fleet_membership name="GeneralTurrets" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="25" max="50"/> (this means 10 turrets)
<fleet_membership name="MonochromeTurrets" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="60" max="120"/> (this mean 24 turrets)
<fleet_membership name="OtherDefenseFocus" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="20" max="40"/> (This means 8 turrets)
*Accordingly most adjusted designs follow the "OtherDefenseFocus" cap with 8 turrets, as they have variety and synergy. Oddly enough this raises the turrets cap of most battlestations by effectively 2 turrets. Most but not all (weirdly enough) default battlestations used the average of min-max "OtherDefenseFocus".
Effective 8 turrets per type rather than 6 was chosen to mirror the logic of Starting Fleet design, of using the max of the ship_cap. The lowest max of three was used. Balance might still be needed but that's the weakest option that's consistent with Starting fleet design logic.

Notes: This mod was first and foremost made for my own enjoyment. I will accept constructive criticism and suggestion that would make the fleets more interesting to play or less cheesy. I will not take demeaning comments.
Made for v.1313 (beta branch) - by ArnaudB
Spoiler for "content":

 <fleet_design name="Mod_ClassicStartingDefenses" is_partial_record="false"
        display_name="Classic (adjusted) Defenses"
        description="This classic mix is good at stopping or slowing things as they come through your wormholes, and has good firepower against midsized foes.

Adjusted as an all-rounded combination competent against most forms of oppositions, either on the defensive or the offensive. Easy to use."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerBattlestation" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="GrenadeLauncherTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>
   <ship_membership name="GraviticBattlestation" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
    <ship_membership name="PikeTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>
   <ship_membership name="ConcussionTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>
    <ship_membership name="TractorArray" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="7" max="7"/>
   <ship_membership name="TachyonArray" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="5" max="5"/>
  <fleet_design name="Mod_ShieldStartingDefenses" is_partial_record="false"
        display_name="Shield (adjusted) Defenses"
        description="Start with an extra forcefield on your home planet, and some very powerful turrets in small quantities.  Also snipers.
Adjusted to actually give supplementary forcefields on top of its innate forcefield. Pound the enemy into the ground from behind cover piece by piece, if not necessarily quickly. The ultimate in defence."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerBattlestation" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="ShieldwallBattlestation" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
    <ship_membership name="PlasmaTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="10" max="10"/>
    <ship_membership name="TritiumSniperTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>
   <ship_membership name="ForcefieldGenerator" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="2" max="2"/>
    <ship_membership name="TractorArray" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="7" max="7"/>
   <ship_membership name="TachyonArray" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="5" max="5"/>

  <fleet_design name="Mod_EclecticStartingDefenses" is_partial_record="false"
        display_name="Eclectic (Adjusted) Defenses"
        description="Wow this is all over the place.  Engineering boosts, some regular turrets, minefields, extra tractor beams, and some mobile sentry frigates.  Be prepared for anything!
Adjusted to be all over the place in a more refined manner. Has a few engineers to help building a few powerful turrets and some minefield meant for stalling. With sentry frigates for company this design is best used on the offensive."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerBattlestation" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="EngineeringBattlestation" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
   <ship_membership name="CombatEngineer" ship_cap_group="Strike" weight="100" min="10" max="10"/>
   <ship_membership name="PlasmaTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="10" max="10"/>
   <ship_membership name="BeamCannon" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="10" max="10"/>
   <ship_membership name="ParalysisMinefield" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="24" max="24"/>
    <ship_membership name="TractorArray" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="10" max="10"/>
    <ship_membership name="SentryFrigate" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="2" max="2"/>

  <fleet_design name="Mod_MinelayerStartingDefenses" is_partial_record="false"
        display_name="Minelayer (adjusted) Defenses"
        description="Large numbers of all the kinds of minefields, plus area-of-effect type turrets, for when you really want to booby-trap the heck out of your homeworld.
Adjusted to focus on damage potential with mines, making it easier to use and move around. Anti-energivore turrets serves to deal with high-threats targets that bypass mines. A small group of spider turrets finishes rounding out this quirky mix. Drag enemies into mines with this tractor-armed station."
        design_logic="InitialPlayerBattlestation" weight="100" include_full_cap_of_each_type="true"
    <ship_membership name="EnsnarerBattlestation" ship_cap_group="Centerpiece" weight="100" min="1" max="1"/>
   <ship_membership name="NucleophilicTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="40" max="40"/>
   <ship_membership name="SpiderTurret" ship_cap_group="Turret" weight="100" min="20" max="20"/>
    <ship_membership name="Minefield" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="24" max="24"/>
    <ship_membership name="AreaMinefield" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="24" max="24"/>
   <ship_membership name="TachyonArray" ship_cap_group="OtherDefense" weight="100" min="5" max="5"/>

Webbed Battlestation serves as reference and is unaltered.
Go to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AI War 2\XMLMods" or whichever path you have the game installed at, then extract the file. It should look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AI War 2\XMLMods\MoreStartingOptions".
That's it. Boot up the game and go into custom start. You'll be able to select added fleets and battlestations.

*Current issue(s):
Replacing the default battlestations loadout merges the vanilla and modded one together. If anybody know how to replace the loadout without causing a merge that would be great. The version currently available in "MoreStartingOptions_v1313" duplicate the starting options instead of replacing them, and will not throw errors. However they also won't replace default loadout in quickstart.
If you wish to help, the XML file below "CMP_StartingBattlestationsDesigns_Problems.xml" replace the default battlestations, causing errors and merging. Available for download to help with troubleshooting.


I'm partly posting this because I'd like some help with the replacement issue. If some people enjoy this then it's all good. If others people wants to try to make their own modded starting options, that'd interest me too.
Feedback on balance isn't unwelcome. Do realise most of those haven't been tested yet and be polite about pointing out problems. Have a good days, and great AI War 2 games.
AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by StarKeep on January 27, 2020, 07:26:53 PM »
Currently, ANY planet with a Trade Station is a valid raid target. I may add restrictions if they end up too potent, but the idea is for them to attack the juiciest spot.

Raids work by giving you a 60-120 seconds notification before it begins (varies between these times) which names it primary target, and spawns wormholes around the edge of the primary planet, and all planets adjacent to said planet.

In its current somewhat neutered state ( on account of the stacking issue ), they may struggle with defending against raids solo.

When buffed back up to their intended values, they (should) be able to knock off most raids solo before they take a command station, but expect the raid to eat some cargo ships here and there before they're killed. (They're picked from fast and/or stealthed raiding ships, so they're designed to munch cargo ships for dinner.)
AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by ArnaudB on January 27, 2020, 11:15:19 AM »
Quite a lot that sounds good there. I'll try it soon.

A question regarding trade raid. Are they like Wormholes in that they can appear anywhere regardless of neutering or are they more limited? It isn't clear whether the raid wormhole is there as a warning of where they attack, or if it's a gate through which they come from.

What probably would make the most sense is for trade raider to attacks on AI planets that aren't captured, rather than heavily defended human planets, but we'll see.

I do hope that backline planets within neuteured clusters can be kept peaceful (save Wormholes invasion) with the Civilian Patrols' help and outposts. It's one thing that drew me to the mod, as otherwise CPA can draw even from neuteured worm and throw forces in the backline.

Need some testing to work it out.
AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by StarKeep on January 26, 2020, 02:50:33 PM »
Civilian Industries - V 0.3.1 - Bugfixes, Balance, and Trade
Download Updated in Main Post

In order to fix a bug involving unit stacking (which I had believed fixed, but failed), all unit counts have been lowered to 25% of their original values.
Eventually plan to do-away with the fleet system so I can manually keep track of ships, but that will be later down the line.
Expect many explosions as your old units get cut down to size on old saves.
(Some units may still stick around stacked from old saves. This is harmless other than them getting the extra stats from being stacked.)

Increased the Shield Radius of Militia HQ by ~100%.
Increased the number of Trade Posts that each Battlestation can build to 5.

The endless quest for better trade logic continues.
Further increase to how quickly your civvies can build new cargo ships in response to needs.
Dialed back the amount of cargo ships that each station can request somewhat, as I had slightly overtuned it last patch.
There will be much more demand, and much less supply, so whenever a trade station finally puts out its request, expect to see it swarmed by cargo ships.
Grand Station now displays percentage until next ship built instead of a flat value.
If a Cargo Ship fails to acquire at least 50% of a resource while loading, it will return to the Idle pool instead of attempting to path to its destination with no cargo.
AI War II - Modding / Re: AIW2 Mod: Galactic Conquest
« Last post by -NR-SirLimbo on January 26, 2020, 09:37:30 AM »
Super cool!!

There's 1 more thing I would like to have before unleashing this thing, I put it into this issue

Simply to set the rules of the game.
AI War II - Modding / Re: Civilian Industries
« Last post by StarKeep on January 26, 2020, 12:36:31 AM »
Civilian Industries - V 0.3.0 - Battlestation Commander
Download updated in main post.
Laying out some framework for the rest of 0.3.X, so saves are broken.

Added: Militia Headquarters - 1 Million Metal - 100k Energy - Each Battlestation/Citadel you control can create one
All units built by this will treat the Battlestation/Citadel as their focal point, allowing you to maneuver them around as needed.
Built units will always be built from the Headquarters, however, so moving too far away will result in long travel times unless you fork out the money to rebuild the HQ elsewhere.
Is much beefier than the traditional Patrol Post on account of it being funded by the military.

Added: Trade Post - 500k Metal - 50k Energy - Each Battlestation/Citadel you control can create one
Acts like a Trade Station for the planet, except it only generates 66% of what a normal trade station would.
Can be built on any planet, even hostile. Does not send Protection Requests, as it is military owned.
Is much beefier than the traditional Trade Station on account of it being funded by the military.

Militia Capital Ships renamed to Militia Construction Ships. Weapons removed.
Changed how strength is calculated for Raids.
Lowered the cost to build civilian ships and turrets by 50%.
Cargo Ships will now be requested faster as your civilians expand, to help them fill out fringe worlds faster.
Other misc trading logic tweaks.
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