Author Topic: Looking for a bit of feedback (Music House/Electronic)  (Read 2186 times)

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Looking for a bit of feedback (Music House/Electronic)
« on: December 12, 2016, 02:43:11 AM »
Why Does It Still Hurt?

This has been my latest project and the link above is the second public WIP I've released. I have several internal versions, but I'm only releasing the ones that are decent as I'm really looking for some feedback.

Things I'm already aware of that needs fixing:
  • Lead bellsynth is too strong in the high frequencies. Needs an EQ adjustment to stop cutting eardrums in half.
  • The bridge is ridiculously lazy, just reusing parts of the chorus and building back up. I'll get to composing a real bridge when I have the inspiration.
  • Drums during verse and chorus are of different volume/strength. This is due to me using samples for the first time. I've always made my own drum loops before. I just need to sit down and master the track to fix issues like this. That's for the polishing phase.
  • The guitar may be a bit loud. I'm not entirely sure of that just yet. Haven't decided if I like it this clear or not.

The song is designed for a sound system that can play sounds down to 50 Hz with decent oomph. If all you have are crappy desktop speakers, it will most likely sound like absolute arse, and also duck a hell of a lot. It's electronic house music, after all.

Feedback I'm in particularly interested in (except what I listed above. I'm already aware of that)

  • Any particular instrument that you feel sounds out of place and needs replacing.
  • Any instrument that is too loud/too soft or just sound plain bad.
  • Is the song engaging? Do you feel like you want to move to it? Does it illicit any kind of response?
  • Should the song be shorter or longer? (Imagine I have an actual bridge and not the lazy placeholder).
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