Author Topic: Mines, telepads and ending missions  (Read 1456 times)

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Mines, telepads and ending missions
« on: December 12, 2013, 06:55:28 PM »
Just quick thoughts:

Would it be possible for mines to be coloured red if your trap skill is < mine level, coloured green if equal or above? green being safe to walk on for current exo? I just think it'd be helpful to see visually without a mouse-over.

Second, a possible bug (only played one normal game but enjoyed it immensely) after changing exos on a telepad the fog of war went funny and I couldn't see anything till I moved back through the pad again... which could have been disasterous in the final battle, being lost and blind in the middle of a sea of boss-bots is not a fun way to go... but I'm not entirely sure it wasn't due to one of the many bots special abilities (they all died to friendly fire... from a surprisingly friendly boss-bot with powerful retaliation abilities).

Last, I had 1 bot that rolled-over on the last mission. So my final battle involved 1 long-range insta-kill from my epic siege and ten minutes wandering around to find the exit via telepads in a massive maze. Not a bug, just a little awkward. In AI War I think carriers sometimes merge ships to higher level ones to handle overflows. Any thoughts on something similar? If there's a tiny overflow for the final battle one similar fudge would avoid it (say <5 bots left-over increase levels or upgrade for 5 bots... or would that be too random?). Also, it'd be nice if once all bots are dead the last mission could automatically end... you don't really need to search the area for loot afterall, it's just a chore searching for the exit when the path involves experimentation with telepads.

Other than that, really good game and looking forward to upping the difficulty.