How should we release the source code to the community?

Put it on GitHub and let people download it from there
Give anyone who asks access to the current location of the code
Keep it secret, keep it safe (Don't release the code at all)
I have a different idea! (Post your idea here)

Author Topic: Bionic Dues source code may be exposed to community  (Read 467 times)

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Bionic Dues source code may be exposed to community
« on: August 04, 2017, 12:15:47 PM »
On the Steam thread developers said that it may be possible to give source code to community in some form. In that way community may continue to improve game.


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Next up, when it comes to the source code, I'm not too enthusiastic of just making that a free-for-all. If we did, then that probably wouldn't impact sales particularly negatively (most people who buy it wouldn't be aware of the source code), so that isn't my worry. But how do you get the source code changes BACK into the game itself? People start forking it and presumably the "best" experience then migrates off of what is in Steam, and then people start complaining about it not being up to date with the latest fork, etc, etc.

Then there's a whole new set of problems, basically, which also costs time and money on my end, and probably frustrates Steam customers as well as potentially opening them up to malicious code. Probably that last bit is not really a worry, but it always does run through my mind when I think about unreviewed code going out to customers. If something happens, where is the liability on that, etc.

With that in mind, what I'd prefer to do is probably just open up our svn repository to interested parties that approach us. That does mean that someone can just grab the code and run away with it, but I'm not really worried about that impacting sales, as I noted before. It would mainly be something that's easier for me to keep an eye on, and do pulls and pushes from, is my thought. I'm not a big fan of git, and our existing repo history isn't something we could easily export somewhere else to my knowledge.
My thought is that the process could basically be:

- People who are interested in working on the source code contact me at chrispark7 at gmail and I'll give them access. You're on your own figuring out what stuff does, for the most part, though.

- They can then compile this and just share around the one code dll with others for testing purposes as much as they wish.

- Once things are to a point where they are stable enough for me to review, and probably not more than once per month, I'll take a look at the unified diff in svn, make sure everything is kosher, and then push the update out through Steam so everyone benefits.

Still there is no exact solution on what form it may happen.

It may me entresting expriment for Arcen Games. But it is worth it? I just intrested game in community opinion.
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Re: Bionic Dues source code may be exposed to community
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2017, 12:36:10 PM »
Restricting how many people are open to developing on it isn't really a top concern of mine, to be honest.  For someone to be interested enough to do something of value, they mostly have to already want to get the proper dev tools and figure out what the game is doing.  I figure that writing to me for a login to svn is the least of the worries if that's something they're up for.

I suppose one potential option, which I'd have to talk to Keith about, would be a public git version that people can mess about with, and then periodically someone helps out by merging those into svn and then I do a push to steam.
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Re: Bionic Dues source code may be exposed to community
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2017, 07:13:49 PM »
I have added a poll here to see if we get more people to weigh in.
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