Author Topic: Feedback on why I backed, and why I am not currently playing  (Read 1795 times)

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Feedback on why I backed, and why I am not currently playing
« on: April 25, 2018, 01:01:51 AM »
So this is some feedback just from my personal perspective, which might not be relevant to vast swathes of your potential customer base. I'm leaving it here in the hopes it helps in some way.

As a preface, I originally backed this game for only two reasons:

1. I enjoyed AI war classic - specifically, I enjoyed reaching the maximum difficulty level I could handle going for spire win condition, without min/maxing or excessive micro (i'm a macro player and hate strategies that require exploiting the game's AI "unfairly" or using the pause button often for extreme micro) - I know in the 9~10 range difficulty excessive micro was pretty much required... so I ended up beating two 9.2 AI's and considered the "game being won" at that point - the last time I played AIWC.

2. I respect the time and effort that has gone into replying to the community and the discourse between the developer(s) and players.

Originally I was going to do some modding for the game, but I got side tracked into a Stellaris project. I usually don't bother modding games until the core gameplay is fun - I guess this is the goal of your recent post about the fun-pivot. :)

I haven't actually played a single game of AI war 2, so I cannot really comment about the gameplay. The main blocker for me actually playing a round is the god-awful UI and, to a lesser extent, game models.

I'm going to be honest - if the visuals of a game don't meet a certain level, I just have zero interest in playing it. Personally, for me, in it's current state AIW2 hasn't reached that level yet. I know this may seem shallow, but it is what it is. :)

However, I am very satisfied with my purchase anyways, simply as a token of my support towards you folks and the way you develop your games.

I hope that I find a reason to actually play the game over the coming months/years, and will be cheering you guys on, silently, in any case.

I wish the best possible success for AIW2. :)

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Re: Feedback on why I backed, and why I am not currently playing
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2018, 01:40:14 AM »
Both of those points have been critical for a number of folks (myself included). You're not alone!

(Less so 1 than 2 for me, although certainly the lack-of-fun has been a problem, however for me I don't necessarily want AIWC-but-3D, but I do think that that may be a starting point that will work for most people)

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Re: Feedback on why I backed, and why I am not currently playing
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2018, 11:52:40 AM »
Thanks for the feedback -- we're definitely working on the GUI in particular, and some of the models that don't meet a certain standard just yet.  Hopefully this tickles your fancy fully by 1.0.  Again, thanks for your candor, and I hope to see you around in a few months or so when things are more likely to be to your taste.
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Re: Feedback on why I backed, and why I am not currently playing
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2018, 12:36:59 PM »
I backed the game to support mostly and didn't intend to test the game. At all. I played very little in the Alpha stage so far. I don't have the time to test such a big game as Ai War 2 anymore. I moved to a new town/region in Germany and have to work longer now.

AI War 2 is simply such a massive game that it needs TONS of testing to look through all the balancing and system mechanics until you can give proper feedback.
This devours  alot of my free time and I would rather just enjoy some short games instead of putting 3 hours into one match and then do another 1 hour to give a big feedback thread.
So far I gave only small thoughts I had on the short maches I played so far.
I almost play any new version of the game but that matches last only about... 20-30 minutes which is in AI War simply nothing comared ont he huge time sink the game offers.

That being said, the Ui is much mor efirendly now then it was at the start and I can finally work around that. At teh start I had so many problems with it, it was simply not fun to touch the game at all.
Ina  startegy game (as in most game genres) the Ui is the core piece of the game. The player needs to comfortabely control units and see immediately any threats that are there.
It's even better if it's customizable in some way, for example add options the amount of threat alerts you want to see (and other stuff).

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Re: Feedback on why I backed, and why I am not currently playing
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2018, 11:36:08 AM »
I originally backed just to support the developers of a game I loved. The First AI War I got on a steam sale with all the DLC what feels like forever ago.

I played a bit when it first came out and was very barebones and it's improved significantly since then. The game is pretty playable now, although I just heard about that pivot since I haven't read the emails in like 5 months. I'm kinda glad they're going back towards old AI War as much as I'd like to change things up I'm excited to see what happens as I continue to play AI War.

I was never good at AIWC and the only time I won it, I stayed after the victory trying to defend a retaliation wave that did end up killing me, so I won, but at what cost.