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Re: Pivoting AI War 2: Bring The Fun!
« Reply #30 on: May 01, 2018, 03:52:01 AM »
If I might suggest a solution which to me looks simple, on paper (I'm assuming after the initial release of the pivot we'll basically be at "AI WAR 1, except with the new engine and nearly nothing from the expansions").

Introduce another setting for command stations and all unit builders. This is the production rate speedup factor. Shouldn't be difficult even from an UI point of view, all you need is a new button.

Whenever you left click on the button the speed of that producer goes up by a factor of 100%. So you start at X1 and with every click you go to X2, X3 etc. Right click goes down by a factor, up to the minimum of X1 base speed.

Command stations, in addition to building what they can already build, also automatically rebuild remains on their planet. Essentially they merge the old command station and remain rebuilder functionality, by taking on one of the characteristics of the new planet controllers.

You have an overall galaxy cap on speedup factors which you can assign to the various stations/builders. Let's say you have e.g. a galaxy wide cap of +10; you can:

  • Push a single station/builder from X1 all the way to X11
  • Bring two stations/builders from X1 to X6
  • Bring 10 stations/builders from X1 to X2
  • Any other distribution you might like to employ

The galaxy cap can be increased by tech research. E.G. rank 1 = total cap +10, rank 2 is +20, rank 3 is + 30.

Advantages I can see:

  • Less micromanaging
  • No more "rebuilder cheese"
  • Current AI WAR 1 combat logic is for the fleet to beeline toward the command station. This will make it optimal in just about every case
  • Given the current UI, you can redistribute speedup factors at a glance, at least for the unit builders (but not for the command stations unless they also end up in the builder tab. Maybe another tab just for them? And/or two separate caps?)
  • You could choose to rebrand logistical command stations as having an intrinsic X2/X3/X4 factor out of the box (depending on rank)

Disadvantages I can see:

  • Less scope for micromanaging effficiency
  • Generally speaking the game is harder due to not really being able to reinforce static defenses once your command station is taken out. Note though that this can be reversed i.e. if you make the station really though (lots of force fields) it will be able to keep the turrets up until the last moment much more efficiently than what the remain rebuilders can do, since they need to move

There might also be potential troubling interactions between this and the usurpers, if they stay in the game? I guess it depends on how they end up working.