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Game locking up
« on: July 24, 2019, 10:36:10 AM »
Hey everyone!

So, I may have overdone it a little, and threw in *some* factions, like 3 AI´s, Macrophage´s, Nanocaust etc. etc. It worked fine for the first 1.5 hrs, but then, at 1:41 game time (or 1:45:00 when reloading the auto-save), the game locked up.

I had a weird thing happening with an earlier version (still 0.8xx), where I could see the AI spawning multiple (2 dozen or so) fleets against another faction, all on the same planet that I couldn´t see yet, when the game was fast forwarding, but that fixed itself after a short pause.

I assume it´s this kind of thing again, just on a even larger scale. I had the game going down to 1% simulation speed at 0.5x, and I think that it was even slower than that. Anyway, saves are attached, the autosave is just before the lockup happens, the manual save should be already into it.

PS: After reloading the auto-save for the second time, it didn´t lock up now...I assume, that´s because the AI´s considering things new every reload?