Author Topic: A request for anyone to test having the planet gravity well larger (Ended)  (Read 1056 times)

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This was born of a personal curiosity, but if people like it enough it's very easy to put into the game officially.

All this file does, is increase the planet "playable" area from radius 26000, to radius 39000. As a result, you effectively have more "room" to fight in, entering a wormhole won't immediately put you in range of nearly everything on the other side, takes a bit longer to cross the planet, etc.

Speeds can be tuned to compensate, if need be.

To try it, just find your AI War 2 directory, Game Data, Configuration, External Constants, then toss that file in and let it replace. To REMOVE, just verify your game files and it'll reset it. Or back up the original, in case you have other mods you wish to keep, and just swap it out.

You can actually put this in while having a game in progress - all that happens is the boundary expands out, nothing else is affected. Though I wouldn't recommend taking it *out* mid way - you'll likely be unable to use any wormholes.

EDIT: There are some problems that'll require dev time to fix, and this probably isn't worth distracting them from important stuff, so it won't happen.
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