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Add In A Unit Dossier/Encyclopedia
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:22:25 PM »
Just a thought that popped into my head, it'd be neat if there was an in game unit encyclopedia to browse that lists unit stats, costs, and strengths/weaknesses, as well as an opportunity for humor with fluff text. This would certainly help out newer players decide on what fleets they want to capture if they are not familiar with the unit names. What are your guy's/gal's thoughts on this?

Here's an example of what an entry may look like

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<--------- Concussion Corvette      Fusion Bomber --------->   

V-Wing: Inexpensive and short ranged, useful for chasing down far away units and acting as a meat shield in a pinch. Useful for dispatching units with low powered engines.

Strong against: Fusion Bomber, Pike Corvette, Grenade Corvette, Vanguard, Pulsar Tank
Weak against: Snipers, Tritium sniper turret, Tritium sniper frigate, Tritium sniper guardian, Inhibitor Tesla Corvette, Concussion Corvette

Individual strength: .05
Hull: 7,500
Shields: 7,500
Armor: 50mm
Speed: 1000
Engine: 8 gx                                                                                                       V-Wing.jpg
Albedo: 0.3
Mass: .21 tx
Energy: 400
Metal: 1,800

168 Attack Damage, 3.5 X damage bonus against targets with engine 7 gx or lower
2 Second Reload
4,200 Range
Engine-Slower: slows for 5 seconds if target engine is less than 22 gx. Max slow length: 5 seconds

Given the nickname of "The Flying Coffin" due to the high death rate of it's pilots, the V-Wing is a fast and nimble fighter. Created during the height of the human civil war, these fighters would usually accompany Fusion Bombers to protect them from opposing anti bomber fighter squads. It's Gravatic Cannon is effective at taking out ships with lower powered engines, and improvement over it's predecessor's bland ballistic bolts.
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