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Returning Player - Questions on controls and such
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:19:17 AM »
Hey everyone, got some trouble controlling my units the way I remember being able to back in the day, so thought I'd ask here.

I have the following problems:

a) Auto-FRD and Auto-Kite cause my fortresses to move around all the time, suspending their repairs (or in the case of modular forts, disrupting the shield-wall I built using them and leaving a hole for carriers to walk through).
Is there a way to tell a specific unit "hey, stand the hug still no matter what"? Because that's kind of what I need, I don't think having to turn of FRD and Kite globally and then having to manually order FRD for the remaining 99% of my forces is a practical solution.

b) Friendly starbases refuse to assist my full-health champion in building modules, I always have to manually order an engineer to do so. I have "don't assist building queues" on so I understand why my own engineers don't automatically go and help (even though the champion's queues cost no resources and should be an exception to that rule anyway), but the friendly allied starbases which, according to their tooltips, exist specifically to help the champion, should assist building modules right? Is there an option somewhere that screws this up? Is there something I have to do to ask the friendly starbase for repair help?

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Re: Returning Player - Questions on controls and such
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2016, 12:05:52 PM »
a) Assign the forts to a particular control group, then in the control groups tab of the controls window select that control group, set auto-FRD to off and auto-kite to off, and hit save.

b) It has to be a large starbase, not the smaller ones. There's one scenario with only smaller ones. If you're sure it's a larger one, what happens if you turn "don't assist building queues" off? It's possible there's a bug where that toggle is impacting the starbases.

I hope it helps :)
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Re: Returning Player - Questions on controls and such
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2016, 06:31:50 PM »
Oh right, you can do that with the control groups. Totally forgot.

On the other issue, I tried it over two different savegames, one was with normal champion functionality (flew into nebula, there were both small and large allied bases) and with the alt-champ funcitonality where it spawns large bases at your home command (they will assist with building anything nearby, but will still not help the champ's queue unless his health is not full).
I have tried turning off the "don't assist queues" option, but all it does is make my engineers go crazy and want to assist my unit production, neither large starbases nor engineers ever assisted the champion.

If this is indeed a bug (and not just me not knowing about some control options) then I don't actually expect (or want, honestly) you to spend time on it that could otherwise be spent on AIWII in any way, though. After all the reason I'm putting more hours into the game now is because I'm excited for the sequel ;)
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