Author Topic: Questions on Exported References  (Read 874 times)

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Questions on Exported References
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:29:36 AM »
So I toyed with "gimme absolutely positively everything" and the exported reference file, and I have some questions; I searched the wiki but found nothing beside the ingame stat screen. I would really appreciate if someone more familiar with this interesting yet complex feature could help me and cast some light on it.

First, there are the "EventAttack" things: tier, sub-tier and cost. Tier can be none, cutter, frigate, corvette, destroyer and cruiser; sub-tier can be none, light, medium and heavy; everything that hasn't none/none has a non-zero value as EventAttackCost and vice-versa. I believe this has something to do with waves; turrets have none/none/0 but so do the younglings and other things that can be found in waves.

Then there are the strength things: StrengthValue, RelativeStrength and RelativeStrengthComputationType; the last can be BaseShipCapScaled, BaseShipCapUnscaled, and very rarely OverrideRelativeStrengthInCaps (and Default for turrets). I believe it has to do with the strength the game display here and there (galaxy "display", post-hacking warning, etc), but the computation type is really confusing.

Also, there is no trace of the ammo and the immunities. Sad. Are they available in another export command?

Last small question: this feature only exports ships currently available to players, and even with the "gimme everything" cheat, several things are beyond reach, like economical units or the AI-reserved GPosts and guardians. Is there a way to have it exports even those?

Thanks in advance.
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