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Title: Newcomer Needs Advice - Some Gamemechanic Questions - PLZ Help
Post by: Shadoz on July 12, 2018, 06:59:53 AM
Hey guys

iam really new to AI War and need little help understanding some mechanism of the game

1) i was playing a longer time (normal difficult - 7 i think) captured around 25 planets (100 planets map) and than i fortified on the last planet, turteling my whole fleet and builded all defens i was able to build, turrents forts etc, because i was trying to continue the fallen spire champaign. the "Fort" planet was the only one who is connected to enemy terretory - all other planets was save. than i continued the spire champaign and with the time i realized only the exogalactic strikeforce was attacking my planet - after the shards was recoverd and nothing happend compared to fallen spire champaign the whole time the enemys NEVER attacked my "Fort" planet ... instead they was ultimativly assembling there fleets around the wormholes of the two coneccted planets ... so there fleets increased more and more with the time - they never attacked me. at this point i have had no more chance to pass through the wormwhole because their imens fleet was so big that they shoot all down in seconds ... all ended up in using massive missiles - but that i dont want cause of the AIP increasing ...

---> so my question - what happend here ? are the enemy afraid of my defense power that they decide not to attack my planet ? before the fortifying planet they attack the whole time my planets ... .. .

2) a question about fallen spire chanpaign and its signal "hops" (so its called at wiki) - if i start surveying the first signal (or any signal) - how does the "hops" works than ? does it found the next signal in my own terretory too or only into enemy terretory ?
for example - if i start new game - conquer 10 planets and than start surveying the first signal at home planet - wiki says the second is two hops next ... does it means 2 hops from home planet or two hops in enemy terretory ? same question for the fallowing signals especially the last four for the city shards ?
the question base on thoughting how to handle best - wiki says needs 23 hops for the fifth city to build - so can i conquer 23 planets first and start spire campaign than and all signals are in my own terretory or does it starts at last of my planets and all hops are going into enemy terretory that i need 23 additional planets for the last shard ...

would be nice to understand how this works ...

3) last question about enemy "waves" that warp into my planets from time to time ... how this mechanic work ? if they send a wave spawning at one of my planets - can they send them to any planets i own ? or is there a special mechanic ? - you can build the warp jammer station to prevent spawning there - but i cant build this station at homeplanet and need teh resources from other planets - so they can attack anywhere they want ? i was reading about gate raiding but dont understood this ... do i only need to destroy the next warp gates on enemy planets whiche are connected to any of my planets to prevent them warping into my planets with its waves ??

Hope some1 can explain me how this stuff works

Many thanks for helping :-)
Title: Re: Newcomer Needs Advice - Some Gamemechanic Questions - PLZ Help
Post by: Ovalcircle1 on July 12, 2018, 01:02:28 PM
1. Advice: Clear out the threat that's massing on your border. It probably realized that it can't get through and started parking more and more ships on the wormhole. Letting it spiral out of control is an easy mistake to make. A lightning or armored warhead works wonders and costs relatively little AIP.

2. Yes, the signals will be in your territory. I did the same thing, capturing planets first then starting the Fallen Spire campaign to cheese it out and not have to deal with AI spawning right next to the shard.

3. They can only spawn on planets that have a warp gate on the planet next to them. Say you have planets A-B-C in a line. You control A and the AI controls B and C. If you destroy the warp gate on B, they can't spawn waves on planet A. The best strategy is to destroy warp gates next to planets you really need  and leave one planet with a warp gate next to it. That planet can be used as a "Fort" planet where all the AI waves will go. However, do not destroy all the warp gates connected to your planets. If you do that, then the AI will be able to attack anywhere. That would be bad.
Title: Re: Newcomer Needs Advice - Some Gamemechanic Questions - PLZ Help
Post by: Shadoz on July 12, 2018, 04:01:03 PM
thanks for answering ...

to 1) - but to complete your answer for my core question - so it is like i thought that if i have too heavy fleet and defense at a planet the AI dont attack me because of beeing afraid of ??? - another way to prevent this ? parking my fleet at the wormwhole one planet behind that fort planet ??? - and how it is calculated my strangth vs the AIs strangth until the point they decide not to attack because they knows they will lose ?????

another case - all the defense buildings are useless if they dont attack me lol :-)

to 3) - sorry i dont understand the last sentense of your writing ... if the ai dont have warp gates near to me they can spawn its waves anywhere in my terretory doesent matter how far away ? ... if i have 20 planets in a row like a snake no others connections at this planets so the ai at planet "21" or "22" can spawn waves still at my homeworld or any other planet in this row ?
Title: Re: Newcomer Needs Advice - Some Gamemechanic Questions - PLZ Help
Post by: Shadoz on July 12, 2018, 04:11:22 PM
for point 3) ...

maybe iam explained it wrong - maybe its not about warp gates what i mean - but sorry dont have the knowledge about all the mechanics ...

what i really meant for is there are several attack at my planets in my inner sphere at planets who dont have connections to enemy terretory ... at this planets i get warning that a wave will appear - these fleets spawn than at my inner planets at the outside border of the map ...
--- i was thinking this are warp gates - but now i think i was wrong ... so what the hell is triggering this attack spawn in my planets who that they spawn anywhere at the border of the map ?
Title: Re: Newcomer Needs Advice - Some Gamemechanic Questions - PLZ Help
Post by: Ovalcircle1 on July 12, 2018, 04:33:41 PM
1. You just have to kill them on their planet. Not sure why they're just sitting there. Pretty sure it's just AI ships that are waiting to attack. Waves should attack you no matter how strong your defenses are. Your defenses are for mostly for defending against waves. You have to go on the offensive to clear out any AI ships waiting on the other side of the wormhole.

3. Warp gates only have a range of one planet. I'll try to make an example using text.  Your planet is A. AI planets are B, C, and D.

If you destroy the warp gate on B, they can't launch waves from there. But they can launch waves from D, since they have Warp gate there. The AI can't launch waves at you from Planet C because it is two planets away from A. The range of a Warp gate is one planet. There are two cases of the AI launching waves. One is the regular warp gate Waves. The ships spawn from the warp gate and attack your planet. The other happens when you destroy every warp gate that is next to your planets. the AI can then spawn waves on any of your planets even ones all the way by your home-world, where they then come in from outside the border.