Author Topic: Is there a way for Champions to gain XP/Levels after the missions are done?  (Read 1216 times)

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Pretty much what the title says.
I've done all the 'Shadow dimension' missions and i'm level 29. However I didn't get access to the 'Plasma Siege Cannon' and 'Photon Lance' modules.

When/how do I get those? Can I still get more skill points to level up other modules? I'm not very happy with the ones I've leveled up so far. :-[

Thank you.

PS : Sorry if this easily found information. I didn't find anything online.

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That is one of the problems with the default settings, you can only get so many points for upgrading modules, so many modules, and so many new ship and fortress types, it is a lot harder to get everything you may want and I don't believe there is anything you can do this game about it. I personally prefer enabling alternate champion progress, where you unlock those buildings, modules, and new ship types based on the total knowledge you have gathered. The buildings will all spawn near your home station, which is often more convenient.

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The more you know. It's my 2nd non-tutorial so it doesn't really matter.  I actually edited the save game to get more points :P
The funny thing is, I assumed there would be a photon-style module so I kept my points in order to upgrade it. Jokes on me I guess haha.

Anyway, thanks. It's a nifty little game.

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There actually is a Photon Lance module, but the rewards are RNG so you may not get it every play through

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Since the number of missions that a champion may go through is limited, and after the "Battle Rages" scenario you'll only meet empty nebula, I recommend the Alt-Champ progress. Probably the only way to get your champion fully upgraded.
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