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Title: Buggy threat behavior?
Post by: Valectar on January 19, 2016, 04:21:00 PM
I was looking in to the threat as It's gotten to some pretty high levels, and saw that the biggest concentration was several hops back from the front lines. Investigating, I saw that there are a number of starships circulating around the pictured group of units. There's a group that are just circling, not exactly around the group but partly, and some that look like they are trying to settle in a position, all moving ot a point, stopping for a moment, then moving outward and trying again.

My game has started to slow down and having seen this, I think it may be part of the problem. I've seen other ships doing a kind of pacing, but this seems especially bad for performance given the very frequent redirections involved in both the circling and the "settling", for lack of a better term.

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