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Title: Mirrors are bugged?
Post by: Singrana on August 03, 2017, 03:18:55 AM
i did some testing with the mirror and it seems it does 20*mark level reflection damage on ANY attack hitting it and not the damage it itself takes, wormhole guardposts, spire armor rotter, it makes no difference, now mby this is intentional, but if it is i think this makes it one of the worst ships in the game by far in terms of cost efficiency, is there something I'm missing here? if not mby fix this unless its meant to be a bad ship?
Title: Re: Mirrors are bugged?
Post by: Worblehat on August 04, 2017, 01:59:04 AM
It looks to me like it does the reflected damage +20*mark. I have a powered-down mk5 next to a wormhole guard post. The guard post should be doing 2*10*0.2 damage, 10x because mirror, 20% because the mirror has enough armor to trigger the 20% floor. So 4 damage per shot from the guard post taken. The guard post is taking 104 in return. With the mirror powered down there's no confusion from its own attack.

So it's doing better than what the tooltip would lead you to expect. Whether it's actually good or not, I can't say since I just hacked the fab and haven't used them yet.  :)
Title: Re: Mirrors are bugged?
Post by: Singrana on August 11, 2017, 08:45:44 AM
i just re did my test this time with powered down state (my original test was without attacking the wormhole GP anyways) and a mark 1 mirror is "reflecting" 20 dmg to the wormhole GP (also a MK3 mirror next to it is "reflecting" 60 dmg to a mk1 fighter shooting it (hitting it for 58 dmg due to the fighters 2 armor)) also you mentioned mk5 mirror doing 104 dmg? well the MK5 mirror has an ATTACK of 104 exactly so it seems it is just doing AN ATTACK instead of any actuall "reflection" at all

the fact that they do "even better than expected" vs wormhole GP is just because its a VERY weak attack and the mirror itself does 104 in that case in response to the 20 dmg wormhole GP attack (that then gets reduced to 4) but vs any real ship they have a HORRIBLE "effective reflection" since they will do one attack each time they are hit, and most hits in the game makes the mirror armor near irrelevant (remember the 10X is applied before its armor) and the ENEMY armor is cutting down on the mirrors attack just fine