Author Topic: I like to learn why destroying command stations is bad the hard way  (Read 817 times)


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i have 6 worlds
there's a mk4 world next to a super awesome world of mine( links to all the planets i have including my home)

Never nuke a core world( actually i didn't try this but i'm just saying)

There was a lot of easier worlds for me to take, but i was determined to take down the last worm hole of my super awesome planet. their were 6 worm holes of that.

transport scout, some 2000 + mk 4s

7 guard posts,,
got 8 lightning warheads, 1 by 1 got every one of them( I GOT ALL THE GUARD POSTS but it's not enough)

save my game, send my last lighting warhead and got their command station cause guard posts are gone i say, plus i have my whole fleet beside it  plus i reduced the number to 1000+ cause they suicide run to my world.

700 threat is a lot for a starter game.

i desperately send another lightning warhead be4 they came then, boom, all my ships gone in 10 seconds, that world command station gone in 20, another world gone by 50, and i lose at 1:30 minutes

I thought destroying guard posts were suppose to help you but apparently, my fleet was way too small

i know a lot of people said don't destroy command station, especially if it's a mk 4 world with a lot of starships( they sent like a few hundred teleport raiders and i got owned by them)
but thinking that their guard posts were gone, AND i was gonna lighting warhead them be4 they came.

hard way.