Author Topic: Fun fact: mk1 bombers especially bad against fortresses.  (Read 893 times)

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Fun fact: mk1 bombers especially bad against fortresses.
« on: September 07, 2011, 12:06:59 AM »
This will probably only interest the highly detail oriented, but whatever...

Was looking at matchups in Reference tab between Mk3 AI Fortress and various things. Noticed Mk1 bombers take 2106 damage per shot, while Mks2+ each take 781 (making them about three times better, actual health and firepower aside). Confused for a second, then saw fort is doing 50x400k damage, but with the 0.01 polycrystal modifier, comes out to 4k per attack. Since bombers have 1200, 2400 etc armor, it's reaching the 20% cutoff from mk2 and up, but mk1 takes a relative beating. (I'm guessing the off-ness of the numbers--you would expect 2800 damage and 1600 damage for mk1/2 naively--is due to that game speed mod factor or whatever secret sauce it is in there.)

I mean, in this case it's pretty moot since a decent pack of bombers will own a fortress head to head. But what this suggests is that there are likely some more "hidden" dramatic value cutoffs due to armor rank in certain matchups, probably a couple that would be useful to know...