Author Topic: The History Of The Game, For Those Who Might Be A Bit Confused  (Read 1431 times)

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Back in late 2009 we did previews of two games called "Alden Ridge" and "A Valley Without Wind," and we also talked about them in a number of interviews in 2010.  Based on just the scant information about those two games, the player response was overwhelmingly excited.

So, naturally, we scrapped both of those games. Heh.

Actually, what we did was take the best elements of both, and we've combined those with other new ideas we've had in the meantime.  The result is something we're calling "A Valley Without Wind" since that was our favorite of the two titles, but it's not actually the tower-defense-meets-JRPG title that we'd been describing in the past.

There's no tower defense here at all, and it's not really a JRPG, either.  Though it does have some JRPG inspirations, it's an adventure game through and through.  There are also no zombies.  Sorry, there's just way too many zombie games out there (and tower defense games, for that matter), so we decided to focus on the more unique elements.

Then for most of 2011 it was a top-down game, until we decided to make the switch to side view for a lot of good reasons.  The game is always evolving, but it's looking better than ever, we think!
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