Author Topic: Valley 2 Beta .720-.721 "Treasure Swap" Released!  (Read 3024 times)

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Re: Valley 2 Beta .720-.721 "Treasure Swap" Released!
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Explore - reveal (but not purify) several tiles on the map
Forage - gain extra scrap/food from scavenging on the current turn
Shield - greatly increase cover for adjacent tiles for the next X turns
Charge - Move to a monster and deal damage
Snare - reduce the number of tiles a monster can move on the next turn
Dispel - remove a spell effect from a tile
Medic (possible new class):
Field healing - Remove a wounded state from a survivor on an adjacent tile
Clinic duty - Heal 2 survivors when healing from a clinic

Spy: Predict what the overlord's next turn will be. The scout temporarily cannot move after using this.
Far Sight: Passively reveal tiles 4 away from the scout (That is to say, you would with Far Sight send a scout around the edge of the map to keep looking for stuff one tile further than you normally automatically scout.)
Recon: Send the scout on a recon mission. Scout comes back with completely random scouted tile information. Nothing stops the scout from 'reconing' tiles that have already been scouted.
Flee: Only usable in range of the overlord. Move to a random purified tile.
Cover: Move adjacent to a target survivor. Take damage for that survivor until next action is taken.
Endure: A true warrior grits ones teeth in the face of peril. Small chance to not take damage when otherwise endangered.
Second Wind: When wounded, small chance to recover instead of dying.

Just a couple of very basic forms of ideas.

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